Monday, December 31, 2012

Tambor 3-City Party: ATL

Little fact check for you all: I did not know that Tyrone Francis was from England! Brother sounds straight UP from the BK to me.

Nonetheless, I Thank him for being the amazing being that he is. DJ BE started off the evening just right to get the crowd going with some goodies that many of us heads know. Stan Zeff came on and turned the notch up JUST a wee bit more. I got to see my homie, Zepherin Saint who was playing as well the same night. Something told me that this night was going to be ANYTHING but ordinary for me. As soon as Tyrone came on, I could feel the New York flavor. For those ATL folks who have never been to a New York party, the energy is totally different. There is an organic approach to the sound and  the dancers express that when they are on the floor. People FEEL the music and hoot, holler, jump up and down. THIS IS HOUSE, FOLKS! Forget that foolishness that people tell you with a step and a movement. If you FEEL it, it is HOUSE dancing! Hell, it is DANCING period!

Zepherin Saint came onto the decks and brought a techy feel. Some down here may not appreciate those sounds. However, as a dancer, I like that aspect because it gives more variety and range when I move. He played this unreleased track that is coming out on his label and I damn near lost it on the floor. Expand your range of sound and you will be pleased with your musical palette. You men keep a sista dancing!!

So back to what I was writing: Tyrone came on and brought some straight foolishness I have not heard in  years. It is the sound of House that I was introduced to as a teenager while at my mom's playing Vinyl and rocking out on headphones. What really did it for me was hearing 'My Favorite Things' by Lamone from the Honeycomb Christmas album. It took me back to the good times when I first got into the scene and the LOVE that was so intense that you could scream of joy. I started dancing with Rodney and I looked up. The next thing I know, I am crying! Now anyone knows when I dance, I feel it. At THAT moment, I broke into tears of happiness. Never have I had such a release when I did. I very rarely do that. Vocals are IMPERATIVE in any tracks, folks! It tells the story on an even larger scale and keeps the audience captivated. I was spinning around in Rodney's arms and felt so light. The energy at that moment was at its zenith. I can truly say that he did the damn thing and garnered my respect even more.

So sad I could not make his BKNY party this past weekend. I left one day too soon. A full 12 hours of just music to keep everyone in good spirits, regardless of what your circumstances may be. I am coming for that party ASAP!! ATLANTA: NEXT MONTH IS GONNA BE FIRE!! My brother, Jose Marquez is coming! Be ready!!! Love

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