Monday, December 31, 2012

Afrique Electrqiue/Sunday School 4 Year Anniversary featuring Josh Milan

I get excited when I hear these two words: Josh Milan!

I did a write up about him last year and it never ceases to amaze me how well the interview went. He is such a humble being and it is only just that many share his Heart through his music. The phone call I received from him totally made me happy! I was asked by him to help promote the event and to get the word out about it in Atlanta. You see, many know him through vocals and production, but some of us have seen him in action on the decks and I was excited to hear that he would be playing for us all.

I was SO thankful to see him in the building. At first, it trickled in with folks because in the South, the cold was straight foolishness and we ain't used to that. Salah warmed up the crowd to warm our bodies up for the floor. As soon as Josh got on and started up the crowd, it was on. He started with 'From Now On', brought it back with 'Another Part of Me' by Avery Sunshine and some Vikter Duplaix's 'The Real World', I knew the night was gonna be fire.

I give him thanks for letting me help promote for his event. To be honest, I knew it was gonna be a great night and the souls that were supposed to be there were in the building. Thank You ALL for a wonderful evening. Here are pictures:

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