Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Atlanta Weekender : The Beginning


Let me rewind this for a second...

One night while out getting my dance on, I greeted Salah Ananse and Nina with a huge hug and similar sentiments were expressed. Us, along with several others, are music festival lovers and have had the amazing opportunity to travel across the pond to England. We all met up in 2008 for Southport Weekender and had a blast! Salah cultivated the idea and placed it into motion. The concept in a nutshell: A series of events held in a distinct location that played ANYTHING that was of SOUL in different rooms at the same time (Afrobeat, House, Soul, Funk, etc;), hence the idea of this event. The Atlanta Weekender will be taking place at SoundTable and Space 2 (Thursday - Sunday night) and Grant Park (Sunday during the day).

I am thankful to see the idea come to the table with such amazing acts, such as: Ian Friday, Karizma, Roland Clark, Miranda Nicole and Stephanie Cooke. Oh yeah, I cannot forget some of my FAVOURITE DJs on the bill : RamonRawsoul, Salah Ananse, Kai Alce and DJ Kemit. In my honest opinion, these men encompass the TRUE sound of HOUSE MUSIC in Atlanta for me. Sure, there are others that I can mention, but in all honesty (Ron Pullman and Cullen Cole are hands down favourites of mine too!) these men do it for me. Having flashbacks as to when these men truly touched me on the dancefloor is nothing but beautiful.

The breakdown:

Thursday Night: The Love Sexy Party - The title says it all! Salah Ananse and Chicago's own, Kwest_On on the decks spinnin' the likeness of: Prince, Apollonia, Vanity 6, Morris Day and The Time. What a way to kick off Labor Day Weekend

Friday Night: Afrique Electrique and Distinctive: I am gonna need water and straight Aleve for this. Ian Friday will be holding it down on the decks. Whenever he plays, I seem to lose it and go bananas! The music he plays is a dancers' dream. Along with acts mentioned earlier in the post, this should be a memorable night.
Jump over to the other room and you have Baltimore's own, Kris Klayton AKA Karizma AKA Kaytronik. Having goosebumps from memories at Southport Weekender, 4:30 in the morning with 5,000 heads jamming to dopeness. All I know is, it is gonna be hot!!

Saturday Night: DJ Kemit will be in one room spinning some beautiful tunes to get the crowd going. It is suffice to say that the true heads will be in the building! Congrats on your latest album, 'Everlasting'. It is everything a music head needs and then some. Oh, did I mention in the other room we have Chicago's own, Sadar Bahar playing some wonderful Soul and Disco gems for the vinyl heads to get down with? Come with an open ear because this evening is about to be spectacular.

Sunday: Yep. I will have my damn whistle with me for House In The Park. I ain't playing with you all when it comes to my music. To my friends: Be cute and get there late if you want. Your behind will be without a parking spot and nowhere to chill. Several people learned last year. We had rain all day, but that did not stop folks from dancing. Imagine 5,000 people dancing in the name of music. IT IS ABOUT TO BE BANANAS.

Oh and sidenote: Jamie 3:26 is gonna put a hurting on us all come that night after the park. Get ready, folks!

Get your pass, folks! It is about to be a CRAZY weekend.

Oh yeah! One more thing: On Saturday night, Secrets is having a party at the Metropolitan Lofts with my fav ladies on the bill: Lynnee Denise, Sabine Blazin and DJ Fyre.


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