Monday, December 31, 2012

Tambor 3-City Party: ATL

Little fact check for you all: I did not know that Tyrone Francis was from England! Brother sounds straight UP from the BK to me.

Nonetheless, I Thank him for being the amazing being that he is. DJ BE started off the evening just right to get the crowd going with some goodies that many of us heads know. Stan Zeff came on and turned the notch up JUST a wee bit more. I got to see my homie, Zepherin Saint who was playing as well the same night. Something told me that this night was going to be ANYTHING but ordinary for me. As soon as Tyrone came on, I could feel the New York flavor. For those ATL folks who have never been to a New York party, the energy is totally different. There is an organic approach to the sound and  the dancers express that when they are on the floor. People FEEL the music and hoot, holler, jump up and down. THIS IS HOUSE, FOLKS! Forget that foolishness that people tell you with a step and a movement. If you FEEL it, it is HOUSE dancing! Hell, it is DANCING period!

Zepherin Saint came onto the decks and brought a techy feel. Some down here may not appreciate those sounds. However, as a dancer, I like that aspect because it gives more variety and range when I move. He played this unreleased track that is coming out on his label and I damn near lost it on the floor. Expand your range of sound and you will be pleased with your musical palette. You men keep a sista dancing!!

So back to what I was writing: Tyrone came on and brought some straight foolishness I have not heard in  years. It is the sound of House that I was introduced to as a teenager while at my mom's playing Vinyl and rocking out on headphones. What really did it for me was hearing 'My Favorite Things' by Lamone from the Honeycomb Christmas album. It took me back to the good times when I first got into the scene and the LOVE that was so intense that you could scream of joy. I started dancing with Rodney and I looked up. The next thing I know, I am crying! Now anyone knows when I dance, I feel it. At THAT moment, I broke into tears of happiness. Never have I had such a release when I did. I very rarely do that. Vocals are IMPERATIVE in any tracks, folks! It tells the story on an even larger scale and keeps the audience captivated. I was spinning around in Rodney's arms and felt so light. The energy at that moment was at its zenith. I can truly say that he did the damn thing and garnered my respect even more.

So sad I could not make his BKNY party this past weekend. I left one day too soon. A full 12 hours of just music to keep everyone in good spirits, regardless of what your circumstances may be. I am coming for that party ASAP!! ATLANTA: NEXT MONTH IS GONNA BE FIRE!! My brother, Jose Marquez is coming! Be ready!!! Love

Another Year and Top 10 Tracks

I just want to thank EVERYONE who has read, commented, shared and embraced this blog. Without you all, we would not have the opportunity to EXPRESS what we do. Damn it has been three years and I am still kicking.

2013 is another year for greatness, positive vibes and amazing music. I do not consider it a new beginning; rather a year to transform House Music to the masses through writing to many who are willing to understand our World a little more. I have not given up on this music since it has not on me. I can still remember the time I fell in Love with House Music and the grip it has had on me since. It saved my Life!

Speaking of saving lives, I got ten tracks that were bangers this year that gave so much LIFE on the floor. Here are a few that did it for me (In NO particular Order):

Lamone - My Favorite Things:  Now anyone who knows me knows I am not big on the holidays. However, I downloaded Josh Milan's Holiday albums with wonderful artists such as Dawn Tallman, Lamone, Cinnamon Brown, Sandra St. Victor and others to make it oh so soulful. The Honeycomb Music camp made me appreciate vocals, soul, harmonies and music even more.  Tyrone Francis banged this at December's Tambor Party and the Spirit took over me. I was in tears of joy. Give thanks for these wonderful voices. If you want to download the album, go here: Honeycomb Christmas

Timmy Regisford feat. Mikey Dance - Shining (Sean McCabe Remix): When I first heard this track, I was like, 'Alright, let's see how this will sound' Gotta admit, at times I have a biased ear. I LOVE when vocals and production come together properly. Sean McCabe did justice with the remix of Timmy Regisford's track. I am a big fan of Mr. McCabe and I can truly say that this track needs to be played. I kept playing it over and over at home. Dancing to it is such a release.

SMT feat. Shea Soul - Just Fine: This track is just SMOOTH!! I heard it a while back when I was at The Gathering and I was hooked. I kept listening and KNEW that I had heard the voice before. Shea Soul never disappoints when it comes to tracks that she is on. The David Harness mix is HOT TOO! To be honest, I like all the mixes on this track. Now go and beat that to the ground.

Jazzmatik and Boddhi Satva feat. MiSSuM - And Other Worlds (Kai Alce Vocal Remix): If this banger does not make you move, I dunno what will. Kai Alce put his damn foot in this one and I cannot stop moving to it. It reminds of how House Music should be: Melodic, Vocal, Soulful and damn RAW! You better get it, homie! ATL REPRESENT!

Tuccillo and Kiko Navarro feat. Amor - Lovery (Yoruba Soul Mix): Maaaaaan Osunlade better stop playing. When I first heard this track, I thought out to loud and said, 'Goodness gracious! What a banger to get the summer going right'. Many DJs rock this track to get the masses on the dance floor. It always works and that is why it is on this list.

Mr. O and Funk Deepstar feat. Ckenz Vocal - I Got This Feeling: Big ups to South Africa for this one. Not your typical South African banger. The SoulCandi camp does it again. They never disappoint. I heard this track at Tambor Party during Stan Zeff's set. Me and Yoli Chisholm were blown away and I HAD to ask. Paid for my download and the rest is history. Get it!

Atjazz and Jullian Gomes - Overshadowed (Atjazz Galaxy Aart Dub): OH MY GOODNESS! I really do not think you all here in the STATES understand how damn genius Atjazz is. Sleep on this dude if you  must my fellow Americans, but he is the TRUTH! We gotta get him stateside. SOMEONE. ANYONE?! Carlos Mena played this banger at one of his BEMBE parties here in Atlanta and I fucking LOST it! Words cannot describe the feelings I had at that moment when  this track came on: Nostalgia, Love, Pure and RAW emotion, the ability to move freely and dance like no one is watching. Atjazz's tracks usually does that to me. However, this track here: OH MY GOODNESS!! Thank You for producing this with Jullian Gomes. WARNING: Not for all DJs to play and for the faint of Heart. Just being real.

EnaWadan - I'm Still Standing: Brother ain't that the truth! Carlos Mena brought this cat to the masses with 'Forever' on his Ocha Records label. Thankful and blessed that he came back FULL force with this banger. This track makes a sista feel good when she is dancing and yet again, NOT every DJ can play this track. With the release on Offering Recordings, it set a whole new standard to vocals and ancestral energy. When I hear this track, it sends off positive vibes and great energy to the dancers. A banger, indeed!

Ralf Gum feat. Monique Bingham - Take Me To My Love: When I tell you that this track can NEVER get old, believe it. Regardless of what sound of House you may play, this track is a club banger. Ralf Gum and Monique Bingham have done it again. With Ralf's stellar production and Monique's smooth vocals, you cannot go wrong. I LOVE THIS TRACK!

*****FLako feat Dirg Gerner -Lonely Town (K2 REMIX): Alright Kris Klayton AKA Karizma AKA Kaytronik, I am calling you out on this one! How you gon' produce this foolishness and NOT put it out?!?!?! I heard this track and seriously started screaming at the top of my lungs. When I tell you that this is EVERYTHING that I needed for 2012 when it came to Music HANDS DOWN, this is the ONE!  I put stars next to this because I WANT THIS RELEASED! Hell, I am pretty sure most of your fans want this out. YET AGAIN: ONLY CERTAIN DJs can play this. Kai Alce rocked this shit during one of his sets and I lost it. People were lost as me and a few others were losing our minds. Seeing people go to the booth and ask what it is guarantees that it is a banger! DAMN YOU PUT YOUR FOOT IN THIS ONE, Kris! THANK YOU!!!!

If you want ANY of these tracks, PLEASE PAY FOR YOUR DOWNLOAD. Amazon, iTunes Store, Traxsource, Beatport, Juno and other paying sites. Thank you all and LOVE!

Afrique Electrqiue/Sunday School 4 Year Anniversary featuring Josh Milan

I get excited when I hear these two words: Josh Milan!

I did a write up about him last year and it never ceases to amaze me how well the interview went. He is such a humble being and it is only just that many share his Heart through his music. The phone call I received from him totally made me happy! I was asked by him to help promote the event and to get the word out about it in Atlanta. You see, many know him through vocals and production, but some of us have seen him in action on the decks and I was excited to hear that he would be playing for us all.

I was SO thankful to see him in the building. At first, it trickled in with folks because in the South, the cold was straight foolishness and we ain't used to that. Salah warmed up the crowd to warm our bodies up for the floor. As soon as Josh got on and started up the crowd, it was on. He started with 'From Now On', brought it back with 'Another Part of Me' by Avery Sunshine and some Vikter Duplaix's 'The Real World', I knew the night was gonna be fire.

I give him thanks for letting me help promote for his event. To be honest, I knew it was gonna be a great night and the souls that were supposed to be there were in the building. Thank You ALL for a wonderful evening. Here are pictures:

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Gathering PRESENTS Anthony Nicholson

CURRENT TRACK: Floating Points - Love Me Like This PURCHASE HERE...

What better way to celebrate my homie, RamonRawsoul's birthday, than to have Chicago's own, Anthony Nicholson come down and bless the A with goodness? Big ups to Karin, Kai, Ramon and all who do this amazing event every month. Without you all, I would have no where to go. For real. Love You all!

Now mind you, the last time the Chicago cats came down, Jamie 3:26 shut the place down and destroyed the dance floor RIGHT after House In The Park. Big ups Jamie! Oh, I cannot forget Julius The Mad Thnker coming down and putting a whoopin' on all of us. Stayed on the dance floor the entire night. Many were appreciative of the range that both cats provided. I love my fam! Mad LOVE!

When I think of Anthony, I think of the raw and deep sounds hailing from the Southside of Chicago. I envision 45s blaring out soulful tunes that keep the sound of the movement together. When Glenn Underground came down, it reminded me of how similar their styles are. Raw, organic, eccentric, full of soul and Yes, may I say it, BLACK!

Sometimes (NOT all of the TIME), I get an heir of superiority from certain DJs. They look down on our city as if we do not know the sound and its origins. As soon as the music starts flowing and people are feeling it, their energies shift and at the end of the night, it is all LOVE.

A sista is not gonna lie: I was a bit nervous meeting him due to the simple fact that I have been a fan of his work for years now. A real humble man who brought in the goodness from beginning to end. At the end of  the day: Thank You so much for sharing with us.

Ramon warmed up the crowd with a mixture of goodies to satisfy any palette. The room filled up nicely and before midnight, we were getting it in. There are still tracks I have not heard of that these gentlemen played. Kai brought the heat with that damn goodness from Karizma. When is 'Lonely Town' coming out?! He put his foot in that. Oh, did I mention, it was DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME?! A sista was delirious in the music and on a high. Seriously. I have not had that feeling in a long time. I think us gaining one hour to beat it out on the dance floor did it. My body is STILL feeling it!

ONCE AGAIN: Thank YOU, gentlemen! I approve of this goodness!


Monday, October 15, 2012


So Julius is an amazing being to know. I just have to get that out.

For three years, him, Adam Gibbons, Sabine, Kevin and so many others have told me about this event.

'D, you are gonna Love it! You HAVE to come...' 
'For a dancer, this is Heaven. Are you coming next year?'

I kept putting it off for THREE YEARS. What is wrong with me?! I am ALL about the Beach, Meeting wonderful souls and of course, Dancing. So I packed my carry-on and headed to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for Mi Casa es Su Casa Holiday 2012.

OH MY GOODNESS!!! The experience has forever changed my mind, body and soul. The individuals I met there are beautiful. Coincidentally, I bonded on an even greater scale with some wonderful souls I already knew.

Seeing Osunlade and Djeff, on top of getting big hugs from many made this trip beautiful. Osunlade with his suspenders, badass shoes and pipe. His set at the Blue Parrot set a sister on fire. The ancestors were lock and loaded with his set. I turned back to see him playing without headphones. That's a bad motherfucker! Hands down one of the dopest sets I have heard this man play. Ahh I love him!

My first night was the meet and greet. I ran into so many people I already knew: Jenn and Brad, Asya Shein of Fusicology, MasterKev, Justin (Aquabeat), RamonRawsoul, Julius The Mad Thinker, Adam Gibbons and so many others. I took a quick shower after a long day on the beach and went down to La Santanera for Uhuru Afrika/Wepa! event. Oh my goodness talk about spiritual! Sidy Maiga was on the drums. If you do not know who this brother is, Google him. He has worked with my fellow brother, Boddhi Satva on a few projects. I was in a trance by the drums and danced the ENTIRE night. I ran into my homie, Sabine, and it all went to another place RIGHT then and there. Met Lucid of Soulshifters and Odie (San Francisco) and we got it in as well. Big ups West Coast! Still SALTY that I missed Jose Marquez on the decks! I got you next time, homie! I know he ripped it. Big ups Max Pela and Adam Gibbons for keeping a sista on the floor and sweating her hair out the first night. That is dancing!

Friday was a crazy day as well. Went to hear the ladies on the deck for It's Her Turn! Helen Ting of Hong Kong: I'm gon' need for you all to peep this lady! I was sleeping on her and I apologize! She ripped the decks. DJ Tabu did her thang as well. I think the performance that shut down that day was Lady Alma. I LOVE me some of her! Her mic went out at one point and she started SAAAAAAAAAANGING like no one's business! That sister is the truth! I LOVE her voice and God has surely blessed her with it. After her performance, I ran into her and gave her huge hugs. Guess who was RIGHT there? Lisa Shaw! Talk about awesome! Such a sweet soul.

That night was the United Nations event at The Blue Parrot. I walked into about 11:45-ish because I COULD NOT miss my boo Sabine on decks! That sista is the TRUTH! I am so proud of you, woman! You always hold your own, but this night, you took it to another level. Love You bunches! Hallex M of Hong Kong (Paris) did the damn thing. When he played Kerri Chandler's remix of 'Rain', a sista was DONE! I do not think the locals who were not used to dancing of such magnitude knew what to do. Me, Soukeyna and Sabine all zoned out, cleared the area and just went RIGHT into it.

Osunlade got on the decks and shut it down until 5:30 in the morning! Needless to say, it was magical. Starting off with 'Cantos a Oya et Ochun', going into his remix of 'I Want You' by Floetry to hearing vocals bringing the return of the Black Messiah to Moodymann's 'Shades of Jae', a sista was on another planet. He always does that to me. I got to meet MAWU's own, Linda, on the dance floor. Talk about humbling. It is funny when you think no one knows who you are and come to find out, they do. Truly an experience. I shall forever treasure that night.

Saturday it was off to Om Tulum for Turntables on the Caribbean. Nickodemus, Eddie Plenty, Dj Numark and Sabo brought the tunes in. I met even more amazing souls that day. We dance to Old School Hip-Hop, House, Salsa, Soul and so much more. The water was PERFECT. But yeah, fifteen minutes away from us was a jungle with wild animals and shit. Talk about interesting. Not about that Life at all. We had fresh food and wonderful drinks to keep us all going in the spirit.

WARNING: Saturday night was STUPID! I needed dirt, a casket and someone to carry my ass out! Atlanta's own, RamonRawsoul started the night off right. I do not think I truly expected this night to be this mind-blowing!! I knew Ramon was gonna shut it down. Djeff SHUT IT DOWN FOR ALL OF MI CASA HOLIDAY! To be honest, he played better than when I saw him in Miami for Winter Music Conference and Atlanta! This dude had people calling all types of names. I felt my ancestors on the dance floor and went bananas! He played some newness from Boddhi (Do NOT think I did not ask! lol) and that was all she wrote. I was doing handstands, screaming out things I never knew I would say. When he busted out with EnaWadan's 'I'm Still Standing', I knew it was about to be a wrap. LAWD!!!! Where was my dirt? DJs were by the booth and were just mesmerized like they had seen a ghost. I was screaming up to the Heavens as to why he was bringing such goodness! I look over and see Joann Jimenez and she replies, 'I think I am pregnant!' Homie, you are the truth!

After his set, Julius got on. I'm not gonna even lie, if I were the DJ after him, I would have kept my shit in the bag and went back to my hotel room. That energy was DIVINE! After his set, he tells me, 'I hope they bring me back next year...' ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! He will PROBABLY be a staple for Mi Casa Holiday! AND he wanted to get back on. Someone would have had to mop me off the floor. That foolishness would have not been pretty at all. My homeboy Kevin is upstairs playing and he smacked the Hell out of me with the goodness he played. Sidy had his drum and there was a little drum circle going on. his energy geared more towards me and Sabine. Her and I felt the Orishas around us and that was all that she wrote. I needed to cool down. However, when I looked up and opened my eyes, the damn sun was OUT! I danced ALL night until 7:30 in the morning!

Sunday was more of a lax day. It was the last day. Oh so sad to see everyone packing. Some already left on their respective flights. We chilled for the Ambassadors' closing party. Salah represented ATL VERY NICELY with his set. This man is doing amazing things for our scene and it is great for the rest of the World to see it first hand. Osunlade got on next and played all old school tracks! I loved it! So refreshing and the blend was PERFECT!!! Mikeytown got on! This dude is hilarious! If you put him and Djeff side by side, I PROMISE you that they are RELATED! His set was awesome! Kept all of us going. We all sung in unison and vibed out. David Sabat got on and brought his Chi-town flavor. I see you, homie!!! I miss Keith's set. Sadface. I heard it was smooth as well :) That night was the Soiree/Farewell event. We all hugged, took pictures, kisses on the cheeks and of course, more dancing. I got my feet some loving, courtesy of a foot massage. Ahhh yes!! I needed it after all of the days of dancing!

Vibing out with wonderful souls. I shall treasure the moments we shared. I got off the shuttle and into the airport and cried. I LOVE YOU MY MI CASA FAMILY!! UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN... <3 nbsp="nbsp" p="p">


Are You Afro? and LIBATION NYC

Alright, alright... I cheated a little bit ATL fam.

So my birthday weekend, I jetted out and went back to my second home, New York City. Every single time I come back, I am always showered and adorned with so much hospitality that it is crazy. My charm, perhaps?

Nonetheless, I let it all out on the dance floor at Are You Afro? to hear Wasabi, Des Uno and Lou Gorbea. Got my dancing in there, then scooted over to the Sullivan Room to hear Ian Friday, Perez Massimo and Zandy SheJay. I walked into RIGHT when Perez was playing 'Mukubwa' by G'Sparks and I LOST IT! You all put this sista in a coma.

Big ups to Gale (Are You Afro?) and Manchildblack (Libation) who always shows this sista Love. I want to relive that night because I ran into good peoples. I got it in. Ya heard me?! What it do Gio and Mark? Been a minute since I have seen you Mark (I'd say Shelter Party 2007, WMC to be exact). Ahh amazing times. Okay, no more chit chat, here are the photos:

Thank You for making my birthday week amazing, NYC! I have so much Love for you. Until then... <3

Celebrate Mujasi

This beautiful soul has touched so many lives within the Atlanta Scene for so long, it is only just that we give back. I have known Theresa for many years. With an infectious smile, a wonderful spirit that oozes of Love, Strength and Confidence, we all came together in a time of healing. Her son, Mujasi has been diagnosed with a rare condition called LCH-Unifocal (Langerhans cell histiocytosis, unifocal)Read more about it here: LCH-Unifocal.

The House community came together in the name of music, Love, Unity and Dance for her son. Stan Zeff, Salah Ananse, RamonRawsoul, Lynnee Denise, Yusef and DJ 1derful provided the wonderful moves and grooves for us all to vibe with. Kemi Bennings jumped on the mic for a bit to show Love and solidarity for Mujasi. Thank You so much everyone!

I was moved to tears and my soul was happy to see all share hugs, great memories for this beautiful soul to heal on an even greater scale. to show how amazing the Universe works, we all stood outside after the event took place and the moon had its halo around it. She is listening to us and it all-knowing.

We Thank you, Theresa. We Love You!! The Healing has begun. Here are pics from that amazing night:

Friday, September 7, 2012

1st Annual Atlanta Weekender + Karizma/Ian Friday + House In The Park


Never had this much fun and dancing the entire weekend. I got to see peoples from all over (big ups my NYC family! I LOVE you all), dance my heart out and let out tears of joy. Once again, THANK YOU Salah Ananse for conceptualizing this idea and making it a reality. Atlanta is TRULY impressed, as am I. Oh, the consensus from people that heard you spin is that you are phenomenal! Keep it going, brother! I am here if you need ANYTHING!

Alright, back to the goodness: I got my interview with Baltimore's own, Kris Klayton, better known as Karizma. When I tell you this cat ripped his damn set - OOOOOOH WEE!! Hearing 'Chasing' and 'Rain' through the speakers gave me an out of body experience. Last time I saw him was in the UK at Southport Weekender and he did not disappoint. I missed Saturday night and I am a sad panda because of it. Nonetheless, Sunday made up for it all.

I volunteer every year for House In The Park and every year I go, I always get something out of it.

Lesson Number One: Folks never learn. Why you out at the park 4:30 in the MORNING setting up your grill and food?! It was that serious, folks!

Lesson Number Two: Hugs and Love are essential in Life.
I had an emotional moment not only because of a hug, but the song that was played. Kai Alce was banging ':Let Me Show You' by Kenny Bobien and a good friend I have not seen in a while came up and hugged Rodney Williams and myself. We let out a sigh and then tears rolled. The power of Love and support is something that I never take for granted. This individual gave me open arms when I came onto the scene at the age of 16 and it is only just that I continue to spread that as well to those who are not used to this sound called House.

Lesson Number Three: DO NOT set a park on fire.
I'm going to need for folks to get their grills in check. Why was the event ALMOST shut down because of someone and their grill?! Then people in the pavilion dancing scream out loud, 'The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire! We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn!'  Really everyone?

THANK YOU Kai Alce, Ramon Rawsoul,Kwest_on, Ian Friday, Roland Clark, DJ Kemit, Salah Ananse and SO MANY OTHERS for making Labor Day the business! So yeah, the stats of House In The Park: Fire Marshalls say 6,000 to 7,000. Let me be honest and tell you AT LEAST 10,000 EASY.

 Here are pics to prove the craziness that weekend...

Much Love