Monday, November 21, 2011

Adam Gibbons in the A and my say :)

So my ace dude, Adam Gibbons (Uhuru Afrika, Boston) came down to the A just to give us a sneak peek of how Bostonians get down to music! Needless to say, this sister loved it! I have so many of his mixes and it is just great to put a face to the sound that I love oh so dearly. Stan Zeff and Brian Edward held down the decks as well this evening. My only gripe: I COULD NOT GET DOWN HOW I WANTED!! Space is a virtue for me as a dancer lol SEE YOU IN MIAMI, brother!

Check out Adam Gibbons and Max Pela (Uhuru Afrika) in action, through music: Uhuru Afrika Podcast! Subscribe!


On a sidenote, enjoy this video that I posted. Much Love all and keep on reading!! SPREAD THE MUSIC!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Felabration 2011 and so much more

Man these past few weeks have been really busy on my end. My apologies for not reaching out sooner. First and foremost, can I just say that the month of October has been beautiful. We had FELABRATION here in Atlanta, celebrating the birthday of Fela Kuti. If you do not know who this wonderful being is, do your research. I did not take many pics because the whole evening I was doing facepaint for those who attended. Nonetheless, I got down that evening. On top of that, Jump 'N Funk celebrated its 10 year anniversary! Much Love to Rich Medina! Big ups to the Spread love crew! Sunday Night, I went to go and see the FELA! show and let me just say that a sista was MOVED! If and WHEN it comes to your city, go and SEE it! Much Love



Sidenote: While in New York, I had the amazing opportunity of peeping a woman by the name of Myrto Joyce. She hails from Greece, but lives in the states now. She is badass on the cello and on the decks. Thank You for letting me experience your World at Bar 13 that night alongside Dave K (Italy). You two are AFRO all the way.

Oh, did I forget that I also did 718 sessions and saw Danny Krivit do the damn thing?! I enjoyed his set because he blends the Classics with the now. No extreme of both. It truly made me appreciate House Music as a whole without spoiling it for me like some that I hear. The 9 year celebration for that event was magical indeed. Hex Hector was also on decks downstairs at Santos Party House. Big ups to him as well. Was so great running into MasterKev and then seeing Ron Trent that same night! Cannot get any doper than that!

To listen to Myrto Joyce's podcast, go here: MYRTO JOYCE's PODCAST: ARE YOU AFRO?

And as a bonus, I am throwing in some hotness from my dude, Jooyna T! This Toronto cat makes a sista move and I gots nothing but LOVE for him. Gotta keep the sound fresh and youthful. I gotta come up to T-Dot one day and bust some moves with you all. Big BIG shout outs to my Toronto peeps. This is why I appreciate beings like him. This scene must PROGRESS and not REGRESS. Remember that all.

Check out his set as well:OFFICIAL Site of Joonya T (Toronto): October Mix Part II

Peep the Pictures: