Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The BEMBE Experience

As a DANCER and a music LOVER, there are so many events that I attend which make me move (given the DJ and the ambiance they provide). I can truly say this for a fact: BEMBE is one of the FEW parties that actually has me locked in on the dance floor. Now some may not understand nor care to understand the reason behind this event. My good friend, Carlos Mena, started this event while in Oakland to share the sound of music, not only through dance, but through the ancestors. I have been wanting to attend one of these events because I heard such great things about it from Oakland and Miami.

However, as soon as he touched down in Atlanta, it was ON! ThatGyrl Inc's own, Tiffany and DJ Ausar of the Kalakuta show on 89.3 play an integral part in its success. The night came into play and Ausar opened it with a crazy mix of afrobeat, House and Broken Beat (or as he calls it - HouseBroken). The crowd picked up and as soon as Carlos came on, the floodgates opened even more. I do not know what Orishas came into that one space the first night, but it was BANANAS! It was so crazy that I ended up with scratches, bruises AND getting my hair stepped on! YES! By the way, that was NOT in any means for a PR move. When I heard 'The Bright Forest', I LOST IT! You see, many do not understand the reasoning behind this event. I tell folks this: It is not for all to understand if you are not in tune with the ancestors/Orishas. BUT if you are willing to give your ears a chance to experience bliss like NO other, I urge YOU to attend the NEXT one.

Here's a glance of what BEMBE is about:

P.S.- When this comes into town, DO NOT be offended or taken aback if I do not dance with you. Zoned out the ENTIRE evening. Secondly, if there's anyone that I forgot, please forgive me, I am on a high right now STILL. Much respect to you and yours :-)

Much Love!