Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Osunlade's 'Pyrography' OUT NOW!

Osunlade's 'Pyrography' OUT NOW! Click here for more info

This man inspires me as a dancer. When you mix the percussions,the tongues of many ancestors passed down, sounds of drums reminiscent of Mama Africa and the raw vocals within a track, you have Osunlade. One of the first tracks I heard from Osunlade was 'Cantos A Ochun Et Oya'. Something stirred from within and right then I knew this man is the NOTHING TO PLAY WITH! Many claim to understand the depth of Deep/Soulful/Ancestral House. Some may not even care to know about whom they are. I GUARANTEE you his tracks evoke you to feel.

I will NEVER forget hearing him at a BEMBE Party in Miami during the Winter Music Conference in 2007. The energy was so powerful, happy and entrenched with old spirits amongst the music. Many blessings to this warm soul and continue to bless us with your music (although I read that this is the last 'House' album). A must have for the TRUE house connoisseur.

There is one thing to download it, but to PHYSICALLY have it in your hands is another thing. I am forever blessed for this man and his wonderful vibes. Meeting this man is awesome! I felt tongue-tied and nervous. May the spirits continue to protect him in any endeavors he succeeds in. Walkin' In Paris is my track (which I have on repeat). Reminds me of the beginnings of when I was introduced to House Music. Other tracks such as, Ser Al Santisimo, brings the percussion and ancestral side full circle to the masses. Makes my heart sing and my soul happy. The catalog of music he has entrances me and takes me into another World. I feel like I am walking amongst my ancestors on the shore as the sun sets abroad. So much culture, Life, yet a side of shyness which is revealed as every EP comes out.

My man, you have done it!

Much Love all and COP THE ALBUM!! SUPPORT = LOVE

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jaidene Veda and Kafele Bandele

Hosted by Jaya, local DJ's Kevin Latham and DJ BE set the tone for the eve. Just fresh off of his South African tour, Kafele Bandele's smooth vocals and amazing sounds on such tracks as: 'Complicated', 'Stone Crazy', 'Above The Sky' and others, sets him apart from many within the House scene.

As for Ms. Veda, what can I say? Her fierceness, on top of her beautiful energy with a bubbly personality is sure to make any being move when she sings. Tell me WHY I did NOT know she was from Vancouver until we talked?! One of my favs that she did with Glenn Underground and The Rurals called, 'Into Life', has my body moving and singing. Such rawness and beauty between these two while on stage. SUPPORT THE ARTS AND THE ARTISTS! Much Love to both and many thanks to all who put it together.

Enough of me babbling, onto pics: