Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House In The Park: Inside Scoop

So yet another year is upon and what better way to close out Labor Day than to have some of Atlanta's best DJs show out on the decks. You guessed it! I am speaking of House In The Park. Going seven years strong. Who would have thought that these amazing cats who represent Atlanta would be carrying on a tradition. Yes, other cities have similar events. However, when you wanna talk about SOUL, a conglomerate of peoples from all over the South and the World that embark in the name of House, you have OUR event: House In The Park.

I remember seven years ago, I attended this event. It just keeps getting bigger and it makes my soul happy to know that Atlanta is not the city to pass by or to play with. Sure, we have a long ways to go. Just know that we are only getting started and it's gonna get better. I dig the rawness, youth and vivid energies that come down to House In The Park and those who rep MY city ALL DAY!! Makes a sista proud. Here is a little interview that I did with the four gentlemen. In NO particular order: Ramon Rawsoul, Salah Ananse, Kai Alce and DJ Kemit. Enjoy peeps and SEE YOU OUT THIS SUNDAY!!!!!

Much LOVE :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

MasterKev and Osunlade weekender = Awesome!

What can I say? This weekend was amazing! Big ups to Osunlade, The Tambor Crew, Mike Zarin and Chris Nicholson for making it awesome!

But before I even post pics from Tambor, MasterKev came down to show Atlanta Love at Jaya's birthday party at Halo. Check out the pics here:

On Saturday, Osunlade graced us with amazing music! The pictures speak for themselves!

So that Sunday, we all chilled by the pool with some beats from Osunlade (AGAIN!), Stan Zeff, BE and CaZ! Check it out!

...and here is the interview:

Friday, August 19, 2011

Track of The Day

This is something that I will have to start doing for now on. My brain just clicked with it. When I first heard this track on the Mad Styles and Crazy Visions 2: A Journey Into Electronic, Soulful, Afro and Latino Rhythms compiled and mixed by Louie Vega, all I could do was sit in awe. With artists such as: Osunlade, Boddhi Satva, Culoe De Song, Louie Vega and so many more, how could you go wrong?

Red Room, Stop Jealousy and the track I am about to post stuck out to me the most! Many big ups to Osunlade for this tune! Cop this compilation on traxsource: Mad Styles & Crazy Vision 2 - A Journey Into Electronic, Soulful, Afro & Latino Rhythms - Compiled & Mixed By Louie Vega

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dave K (Italy/Are You Afro)

I met this cat about two years ago in Miami during WMC at The Tribe Party. Suffice to say that I did not know that he was a DJ. You know you meet people from all around the World and never have a chance to actually know on a personal level. Hell, I go for business and partying. This dude is not only a good friend of mine, but an amazing DJ.

Afrique Electrique Party WMC 2011

Dave K has several tracks out produced by him.If you ever want to check out any of his mixes, please feel free to go to his page, which is here: Dave K (Italy)

Also, his podcast from the 'Are you Afro' party is on FIRE!!! Check it here:
Dave K: Are you AFRO Podcast (PURE FIRE!!!)

Gotta expand peoples! Not all big names. These peoples I know are doing big things.

Here is some video for you all to check out as well:

Much Love homie!