Friday, August 28, 2009

Trinidadian Deep

First and foremost, as you know, this year has been a roller coaster. The Universe/God has a plan for everyone and when it is your time, you must go. After hearing the passing of DJ AM, words cannot express the utter shock in Life being taken away. Rise In Peace to all whom have left this plane.

On a music vibe: I LOVE good music. I never expected Trini to play banger after damn banger. The man is amazing. However, he took it another level Wednesday night at El Bar. On top of that, one of the most down to Earth people I have ever had the opportunity of conversing with. Glad I came out on a thundering and rainy evening in the A.

Undergroundvibe of Toronto gave me the heads up. Much Love to all who made it out and of course for Mike Zarin for putting it down!