Friday, September 24, 2010

Tambor Party with Ian Friday


What can I say?! Big ups first and foremost to Tambor Party for being a hit with the readers of Creative Loafing as ATL's After Dark event. Another big shout out to DJ Kemit for being critic's choice for Creative Loafing's CL List 2010: ATL's BEST DJ! Thank goodness Atlanta knows what's up. Congratulations you all!

Atlanta has really proven to be a hot mecca for events and music! Kai putting 'I Got Life' out with Terrance Downs and Justin Chapman, Ramon Rawsoul with 'House In The Park' and Stan Zeff with Tambor Party. Ian Friday (Tea Party Music/Brooklyn Mecca/Libation NYC) blessed us with some tunes! I lost it. I felt like I was back in the Caribbean, alongside my peoples. He brought the heat from the first track to the last. The tracks that got me: Gwebindala, Burning Hot, Kodjo, Don't Be Afraid, More Of You (Rise In Peace Jimmy Abney), Heartbreak Hotel and others.

I felt like I was back at the damn Tribe Party in MIA. I did my best to keep my clothes on. I would say that I did an amazing job. To go on record: This Tambor
made me smile and quite possibly my favorite! I felt my eyes roll in the back of my head. John Roberts on the drums made it no damn better. Percussions and drums always get me going.

Thank You Ian for blessing us once again. ATL loves you!


Here is a snipper interview that I did on the spot with Ian. Big ups to Freddy for taping! I heart you guys!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ian Friday @ Tambor Party

Flashback 2007 - Winter Music Conference: Bembe party with Ian, Carlos Mena, Rich Medina, Osunlade, Karizma and DJ Spinna...

I had the opportunity of meeting this man, not realizing how much of a hot commodity he is in our scene. I met him, along with Kev Master Kev at this event, which was held at Rain. He held a steady crowd, keeping it real deep and ancestral...

Flash forward to 2008 - The Gathering @ Cenci, Atlanta:

He ripped it and I was dancing on the floor the WHOLE night. Big ups to all whom brought him down. When he played, 'More Of You' by Jimmy Abney (Rise In Peace), me and my buddy, Nishana lost it. That is one of many songs that is beautiful, but at the same time, you can lose it on the dancefloor. I am forever thankful for that night.

WINTER MUSIC CONFERENCE - Tribe Records UK party: In the moonlight with all of my ancestors surrounding me, he FIRST played 'Gwebindala' and it was over. Was it safe to say that I kept my clothing on? I felt like I was back in the motherland and not knowing that at that moment, happiness filled my soul. I ran into him later during the conference and told him how hard it was for me to contain myself. he says, 'I do what I do. I cannot help it if you cannot contain yourself. The music guides me...'

Ever since 2007, my eye has been on this man and his music never disappoints. To drop and remix tracks such as: Broken Dreams, More Of You, Carib's Leap and Don't Be Afraid, Atlanta will definitely be in for a treat. Bring your towel and drink PLENTY of water. The End. ATLANTA is ready for you, Ian...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

6th Annual House In The Park

Wow, what can I say?!

Carlos Mena (Yoruba Records) kicked off my weekend and did the damn thing! Big ups to all who put it together!

This weekend has been nothing but amazing! Big ups to Ramon Rawsoul, Kai Alce, Salah Ananse, DJ Kemit, the sponsors, the City of Atlanta, the dancers, the singers and all who put it together. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I am STILL overwhelmed with happiness because of that day. AT LEAST 7k was in the building from all over the US and the World. We have Moodymann, Rick Wilhite, Colonel Abrams, Carolyn Harding and others roll through. You know your event is official when people who are not even heads roll through. Six years strong. Cannot wait for number SEVEN!

Highlights: seeing all people of all different backgrounds, just chilling, dancing their asses off. The outpouring of Love for this event has been amazing! Donations left and right. The event is the business when the Red Bull chicks pop up and people who have never heard of HITP come just for the vibe.

When Ramon busted out Culoe De Song's 'Gwebindala', I fucking lost it! I could have sworn my eyes rolled into the back of my head. I could care less what anyone was thinking at that moment. I felt my ancestors there. Seeing the young children dance made me smile. Also, when young kings and queens come up, giving hugs and saying a simple 'hello'. Now that is Love.

Having Yoli come ALL the way from Seattle. I had to hype it up and I know her experience was well worth it; by seeing peoples that I have not seen since the Winter Music Conference pop up blew me away. ATLANTA: WE ARE ON SOMETHING REAL and the rest of the music community sees it so. The icing on the cake: Having my best friend come from NY. We always shut it down.

However, at the end of it all: I cried. It was beautiful and I am glad I am a veteran of House In The Park. Much Love to all!

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