Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ben Westbeech and Adult Skate

My weekend was filled with goodness! Brownswood Recordings own, Ben Westbeech came into town. To say the least, it was entertaining and filled with gems that I have not heard in a while. The last time I saw this dude was at Southport Weekender in England FOUR YEARS AGO! Talk about epic! Great to see familiar faces that night as well. Onto the pictures. Karl Injex opened up with a funky set to get the vibe poppin'! Let's go!

On Sunday night, I had the amazing pleasure of hearing three of the DOPEST DJ's I have heard in a long time. My dudes: Cullen Cole, Kai Alce and Kemit. It gave me such nostalgia that I woke up the next day in tears of joy. I appreciate you all for always showing me Love and embracing me within this scene. You were NEVER about the glitz and glamour NOR judged people that some DJ's are on nowadays. Raw, deep and a Dancers' delight to say the least. When 'How Deep Is Your Love' came on, I fucking lost it! Thanks Brian Scarlett for the suggestion because goodness knows my night was on another high when that track dropped. The reason why I support this event is because NUCLEUS of heads who started the underground/late nightlife for me were out and in full force. There were people ACTUALLY dancing! Cannot get any better than that. Enjoy and LOVE!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

House Xpressions

Yes! A New Year calls for new beginnings. House Dancers of Atlanta is back in full force! I am too excited with this venture, to say the least. Last night was spectacular! Big ups to the owners of Soul Asylum Studios, Atlanta for letting us use their space and giving us the opportunity to express who we are.

The Underground Dance Movement has always been here and it is going NOWHERE! Fuck what you heard in these videos that have dancers 'dancing' to 'House Music'. Half of those people never experienced a TRUE dance session in the streets or in a club. Nonetheless, peep the video in which all of us get down. There needs to be a platform for Dancers in Atlanta who are of House Music. We will start as a monthly and eventually grow. It is bound to happen. Come as you are. You do not need any training. The music guides you and at the end of the evening, you meet like-minded peoples!

 For more info, check us out on FACEBOOK: House Dancers of Atlanta on Facebook

 Much Love!