Wednesday, January 26, 2011

SpreadLove meets Jump ' Funk, Sunday School and Little Dragon

So this weekend was filled with amazing music. First off, DJ Kemit and Rich Medina set off 595 North Saturday night. I am a dancer and with the Afrobeat playing, my feet kept moving and dancing. Cannot wait until WMC to get my dance on again. Here are some pics:

Sunday rolls around and Oh do I love Sunday School. Thank you for putting on another amazing event. Le fin. Pics:

I missed this group last year when they came down and I must say, I was not disappointed. Such a pleasure meeting the band mates and Yukimi herself. Such a little firecracker and her damn percussion instruments on stage. She TURNED it! I LOVE this band. Check out their music whenever you get a chance. Onto the pictures:


Monday, January 17, 2011

Tambor Party with Ezel (OCHA Records/Yoruba Records) and MJQ

This past weekend really opened my eyes as a dancer and as a being. I appreciate all who showed Love through dance and music. Thank you Salah, Nabani, Stan Zeff, BE, Ezel, Kai Alce, Kemit and Cullen Cole. You all are some of the individuals that I will ALWAYS support because of what you do. Thanks for everything.

Yeah, so umm back to what I was about to write: Tambor Party was off the hook! I have never felt the amount of spiritual energy in a long time until Saturday night. I give thanks for Ezel rolling through. Saw this cat at the G++dness WMC party and he ripped it! Too bad my ass had on a dress and the space WAS PACKED! That night was ridiculous. I wore out the floor and my ancestors were there with me while I danced. I felt it.

When I say I am a dancer, I mean it. I have NO time for conversation and that is how it should always be. Conversion closes the gate to music. I felt everything in my being just go and I was taken to another place. On Sunday night, I headed over to MJQ. If ANYONE remembers DEEP Saturdays, you will know that Kai Alce, DJ Kemit and Cullen Cole NEVER disappoint. Kept the energy flowing. When Kemit started with the MLK speech and went RIGHT into Donnie's 'Holiday' that Ron Trent remixed, I knew it was about to be an amazing night. When Sunkids ft. Chance's 'Rescue Me' came on and I lost it! That is one of my favorite tracks of all time. Brings back memories every time I hear that track. Cullen brought the heat with some hotness I have not heard in years. Hearing 'Reasons' (which I have on a white label) being played through speakers, also made me smile. Kai playing Vikter Duplaix's 'Electric Love' remixed by Boddhi Satva kept my spirit and soul smiling even more. I do not think people realize how much I LOVE music and in this instance, good music with a sound purpose and positive vibes rolling through and through.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE 2011 with Benji B (Deviation/BBC 1 UK)

So last night was amazing to say the least! Never will I be a dumbass and wait until the LAST minute to get a ticket AGAIN! I feel for those who could not get in at all. The night started off with some Teena Marie. Madness and beauty to say the least! Some old school disco came into play. When he dropped Louie Vega's 'Dance Ritual', I lost it. Wait, scratch that: Donae'o has this hot ass track called 'Party Hard'. I love some hot ass UK tracks. A little Soca, with some House and a hint of broken beat definitely made my evening. He really closed it out for me with some Slum Village. Dilla Dilla Dilla. Beats Beats Beats.
Onto the pictures: