Friday, July 12, 2013

Djeff Afrozila's 'Soldier Ascension' album

Man has it been a whirlwind. Sorry for the lack of updates. NYC had me captivated and words cannot express the amount of music that I experienced while there. I cannot wait to be back soon. Speaking of music and the experience, I am here to give you the run down of Djeff Afrozila's album, 'Soldier Ascension'.

From meeting him a couple of years ago to now, his presence within the movement has been nothing but incredible. Still on a high from his set at Mi Casa Holiday. Talk about bananas! Nonetheless, I got a sneak peek from the man himself and let me just tell you, it is DOPE!!

Some highlights from the album:

Mwangole featuring Nacobeta,Agre G and Game Walla: When I first heard this track, I lost my every-loving mind! Where's my wall when I was getting it in and not giving a damn?! I twerked like it was no one's business. A dancer's delight who appreciates music from a worldy perspective. Angola be getting it in!! I think I found my brothers and sisters in the dance movement. Free and full of Life!

Soldier Ascension: Months before the album's release, the video came out. Not gonna lie, at first, I did not get it. However, after listening to an interview with Djeff and the concept of the video, he explains how there was no concept and that one is to just listen to the music. Such a groove to get into.

Celebration with Ade Alafia: When I first heard this, I thought of going out and just getting lost in the music and its message. Celebrate everything that is given to us and share that energy with all of those around us. Ade's vocals and message speaks volumes to me. Number three on the album and quite possibly one of my favourites. Any DJ who knows music, this should be in your arsenal. Big ups to Boddhi Satva for engineering this greatness!

Make Me Stronger with Leslie Kissumuma: When I first heard this melodic track, I sat back and listened to the lyrics and felt myself in her situation. Atlanta's own, Yoel Ben Yehuda provided flute, keyboard and bass on this track. Another banger for the right DJ to get a crowd moving.

Different featuring Kholi: If you are wondering who is bringing this track Life with her vocals, it is South Africa's own, Kholi. Providing her vocals to C.nine and Atjazz in 'Chasing', she changes up her sound and it resonates! As a woman, I can appreciate this. I digress. Simply put: Beautiful.

I am different/I am out of the norm/I am a different me...

African Mermaid: Spoken word and beautiful composition lays this tune down to a T. New York's own, Tantra Zawadi speaks of (in my opinion) the beauty that is of an African woman and the desire that many may have for her and the desires she gives to him. The poetry Tantra blends within this track is magical.

Love is her treasure...

So there you have it, folks. If you are in London, I AM URGING YOU to check him out at Club Colosseum tomorrow night with Kristelle Morin and Zepherin Saint. I promise you that it is full of goodness!!