Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday Goodness

Another weekend to put down in the books! Big ups to the Toronto ladies: Brigette and Sophia. You ladies rock my World. Also much Love to my fellow dancer, Sabine Blaizin! She did her thing on the decks this past Sunday. Much Love goes out to Lorin Vincent AKA Saturna! It was like one small WMC reunion this weekend. Wait, did someone say Rick Wilhite was in the building this weekend at Tambor? Wow, everyone was out and showed so much Love. Nonetheless, this was one of many highlights this weekend for me. I had such a blast! Big ups to the Tambor Crew and my brother, Zepherin Saint. He did that.

Alright, photo time:

Sunday was the icing on the cake for all music lovers! First stop: Cafe Circa for Salah Ananse's Holiday soiree! MissKai and Sabine blessed the decks and I was oh so sad to miss both Salah's set and MissKai's set. She played this song and I missed it:

Ocha Mzani's own, Sabine Blaizin got the decks and it was so worth it. Mind you, I came STRAIGHT FROM WORK TO get on down. Afterwards, the party carried on to MJQ. Cullen Cole, Kai Alce and Salah Ananse jammed the decks that eve. When Kai played 'When You Touch Me', I lost it. I explained to him that not everyone can play that track. Makes a woman all hot and bothered *laughs*. I did not take much pictures due the fact that the music was banging and that I was on the floor in sync with people. Alright, photo time!

Monday, December 12, 2011

My Top 10 for 2011

Yes! It is that time again. Damn this year flew by fast. I am thankful for the opportunities of meeting some of the people that inspire me in this music scene. Many thanks to Josh Milan and Osunlade. I dunno if any of you realize, BUT because of these beings, I am able to express myself in dance through how they vibe on tracks. Not many can alter my mood in such a positive way except these two. Growing up my teen years, it was imperative to have these two in my playlist. Many MANY Thanks!

Okay, so back to what I was writing. Oh yeah! Okay, so these tracks have kept me moving and grooving all year long. It could be in a bikini on a beach, the dancefloor at an event or just at home chillin' while I am beating my face.


The sites I go to: Traxsource.com | Beatport  | iTunes



Avery Sunshine - Ugly Part of me (Terry Hunter BANG Remix) *GOTTA REP MY ATL FOLK!!!! ON DECK!!!*

Marc Evans - My Heart Remembers ( N'Dinga's Main Mix) *Beautiful tune! Well done men!*

G'Sparks featuring DaCosta - Sodat Aza Na Kati (Main Mix) *If this is not the Motherland and all its encompasses, I dunno what else to tell you*

Boddhi Satva featuring Ze Pequino - Stop Jealousy (Culoe De Song Kamnguni Remix) *Ian Friday played this at TRIBE RECORDS Party and I LOST IT!*

Osunlade - Pheramones *What can I say? This man KNOWS music! LOVE*

Celia Cruz - Elegua (Jose Marquez Remix) ****BANGER*** My Ancestors are on the floor with me!

Kerri Chandler - You Might Lose It ( Kerri Chandler Deep Mix) *YESSIR!* A dancers' delight on a wooden floor!

Donae'o - I (Sean McCabe Remix) *When I first heard this track, I knew it was gonna be epic! This track motivates me!*

Jaidene Veda - Soul Size Love (Josh Milan Original Mix) *The original is nice, but Josh Milan did the damn this on this remix! So beautiful and smooth! Two of favs! Love all around!

Karizma - Kaytrolude *FOR REAL! When I first heard this track, I wanted to find the nearest wooden dance floor and just do the damn thing! I LOVE ME SOME KARIZMA! Dancers' paradise when I hear his music!

I know these tracks will inspire you as it has done with me! I would LOVE to hear about some of your favourites!!! MUCH LOVE EVERYONE AND ENJOY THE REST OF THIS YEAR!!!

ATLANTA, we are READY FOR Zepherin Saint. Cannot wait to see my brother! Been too long. For more info on purchasing tickets: Tambor Holiday PARTY! GET TIXS HERE!


Monday, November 21, 2011

Adam Gibbons in the A and my say :)

So my ace dude, Adam Gibbons (Uhuru Afrika, Boston) came down to the A just to give us a sneak peek of how Bostonians get down to music! Needless to say, this sister loved it! I have so many of his mixes and it is just great to put a face to the sound that I love oh so dearly. Stan Zeff and Brian Edward held down the decks as well this evening. My only gripe: I COULD NOT GET DOWN HOW I WANTED!! Space is a virtue for me as a dancer lol SEE YOU IN MIAMI, brother!

Check out Adam Gibbons and Max Pela (Uhuru Afrika) in action, through music: Uhuru Afrika Podcast! Subscribe!


On a sidenote, enjoy this video that I posted. Much Love all and keep on reading!! SPREAD THE MUSIC!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Felabration 2011 and so much more

Man these past few weeks have been really busy on my end. My apologies for not reaching out sooner. First and foremost, can I just say that the month of October has been beautiful. We had FELABRATION here in Atlanta, celebrating the birthday of Fela Kuti. If you do not know who this wonderful being is, do your research. I did not take many pics because the whole evening I was doing facepaint for those who attended. Nonetheless, I got down that evening. On top of that, Jump 'N Funk celebrated its 10 year anniversary! Much Love to Rich Medina! Big ups to the Spread love crew! Sunday Night, I went to go and see the FELA! show and let me just say that a sista was MOVED! If and WHEN it comes to your city, go and SEE it! Much Love



Sidenote: While in New York, I had the amazing opportunity of peeping a woman by the name of Myrto Joyce. She hails from Greece, but lives in the states now. She is badass on the cello and on the decks. Thank You for letting me experience your World at Bar 13 that night alongside Dave K (Italy). You two are AFRO all the way.

Oh, did I forget that I also did 718 sessions and saw Danny Krivit do the damn thing?! I enjoyed his set because he blends the Classics with the now. No extreme of both. It truly made me appreciate House Music as a whole without spoiling it for me like some that I hear. The 9 year celebration for that event was magical indeed. Hex Hector was also on decks downstairs at Santos Party House. Big ups to him as well. Was so great running into MasterKev and then seeing Ron Trent that same night! Cannot get any doper than that!

To listen to Myrto Joyce's podcast, go here: MYRTO JOYCE's PODCAST: ARE YOU AFRO?

And as a bonus, I am throwing in some hotness from my dude, Jooyna T! This Toronto cat makes a sista move and I gots nothing but LOVE for him. Gotta keep the sound fresh and youthful. I gotta come up to T-Dot one day and bust some moves with you all. Big BIG shout outs to my Toronto peeps. This is why I appreciate beings like him. This scene must PROGRESS and not REGRESS. Remember that all.

Check out his set as well:OFFICIAL Site of Joonya T (Toronto): October Mix Part II

Peep the Pictures:


Friday, October 14, 2011

Gotta say it!

So I decided to do a video piece because I have been so busy and out of it to even write. Check it out!!!! Thank YOU ALL so much for supporting my blog!

P.S.- My daahhhling, Jaidene Veda has a NEW EP coming out. Remixes for Pisces Pendulum. For more info: Pisces Pendulum EP


Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday SchoolxAfrique Electrique: Libra Celebration wsg Josh Milan

Been a while since I have updated. So many things in this World is really waking a sister up like myself. Nonetheless, I am back with the goodness! What can I say about my boy, Salah Ananse? He is a man of talent, a sweetheart and a real cool dude to have in your corner. Big ups to Ramon Rawsoul for doing the damn thing on the decks! I will ALWAYS have LOVE for these gentlemen.

I am forever thankful for his energy that he puts into having weekly events that shed light on DJs in Atlanta and across many genres overall. He is a selfless being within this scene. Please believe when I tell you: This man is about set ATL's House Scene on fire! I will ALWAYS be in this cat's corner. Watch what I tell you. He started it on the good foot with an event in Miami and now as of last night, he sealed the deal for me even more. He brings all of Atlanta's taste makers to his event. One such amazing individual is Josh Milan from Blaze.

You cannot leave out Joshua Milan and Kevin Hedge from developing the sound that IS SOULFUL House. I have some of their greatest tracks: How Deep Is Your Love, People Hold On, Elevation, Lovely Ones and so on. When you have music that pulls at your heart strings and brings you to tears, it shows the TRUE musician and artist that exists from within. I feel many nowadays do it for selfish reasons. However, BECAUSE of these two, they are one of the reasons that I am a House HEAD! Okay, enough of me writing, here are some pics (LIBRAS IN THE HOUSE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALAH):

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7th Annual House In The Park...YESSIR!!!!

Why am I STILL recovering and it is Wednesday?! This does NOT make any sense. I was zoned out from the time I got there until the time I left. Goodness knows the energy was high despite the rain. You are mad bourgeoisie if you missed out because of a little sprinkle of mother Nature. I know dancing inside that Pavilion felt like a damn sauna.

That did not stop THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people from coming out and showing LOVE through dance. Big ups to Ramon Rawsoul, Kai Alce, Salah Ananse and DJ Kemit. You gentlemen truly showed your ASSES off and all a sista could do was smile. And for the people who get up on the tables and do not dance: CHILE STOP THAT MESS!!! You are killing the energy. Go stand somewhere else. Okay, I think I am done. Now for some pictures!

P.S.- Why were people posted at the park 6 in the morning?! My people got there around 11:30 and parking was stupid crazy! That is what music does to people. For those I missed seeing, love y'all! See you next year or in MIA! <3



Wednesday, August 31, 2011

House In The Park: Inside Scoop

So yet another year is upon and what better way to close out Labor Day than to have some of Atlanta's best DJs show out on the decks. You guessed it! I am speaking of House In The Park. Going seven years strong. Who would have thought that these amazing cats who represent Atlanta would be carrying on a tradition. Yes, other cities have similar events. However, when you wanna talk about SOUL, a conglomerate of peoples from all over the South and the World that embark in the name of House, you have OUR event: House In The Park.

I remember seven years ago, I attended this event. It just keeps getting bigger and it makes my soul happy to know that Atlanta is not the city to pass by or to play with. Sure, we have a long ways to go. Just know that we are only getting started and it's gonna get better. I dig the rawness, youth and vivid energies that come down to House In The Park and those who rep MY city ALL DAY!! Makes a sista proud. Here is a little interview that I did with the four gentlemen. In NO particular order: Ramon Rawsoul, Salah Ananse, Kai Alce and DJ Kemit. Enjoy peeps and SEE YOU OUT THIS SUNDAY!!!!!

Much LOVE :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

MasterKev and Osunlade weekender = Awesome!

What can I say? This weekend was amazing! Big ups to Osunlade, The Tambor Crew, Mike Zarin and Chris Nicholson for making it awesome!

But before I even post pics from Tambor, MasterKev came down to show Atlanta Love at Jaya's birthday party at Halo. Check out the pics here:

On Saturday, Osunlade graced us with amazing music! The pictures speak for themselves!

So that Sunday, we all chilled by the pool with some beats from Osunlade (AGAIN!), Stan Zeff, BE and CaZ! Check it out!

...and here is the interview: