Monday, June 3, 2013

Women: We are here!

DISCLAIMER: This is not to start anything, but to progress who we are as beings in this movement. I respect those who have shaped the sound for my ears and I will always show Love, regardless. That is what it is about at the end of the day :)

Today started off as usual: Bumping tunes and getting tasks done. A conversation sparked this post and I am glad it transpired. Makes one realize the true depth of our purpose as women, not only within the House Music Movement, but in Life as well.

Women in society are conditioned to do such things as: support their man physically, emotionally, spiritually, produce offspring in the World, teach a child to be a better human being and other things. In this movement, I truly feel (I am guilty of it as well) women are to be the cheerleader for male DJs. It becomes discouraging when you put into it and many fail to see that or do not want to recognize it. However, I give major props to all that do show Love and stay looking out for us women, including myself. To an extent, this one of the many reasons I hardly go out anymore.

I give my energy and Love through dance. It makes me whole and inspires me on so many levels. I started this blog with the intent of letting all know about the movement here in Atlanta and there is so much more than what meets the eye. Still scratching the surface and finding out about some amazing female DJs here in my own backyard.

You got DJ Fyre, Rachael Pryor, Lynnee Denise (Oh I am still claiming you...even though you wanna leave LOL), Tracy Levine, Zsa Zsa ( I know you Chi all day, boo. Much Love still LOL), E-Luv and so many others. This movement is about us ladies. I know that I am not out to attend at times due to my crazy schedule and Life, but trust and believe, I support you all.

If I am correct, who wants to be at a sausage fest or a cat carnival? Mix it up with some ladies on the decks! Oh and another thing: The divisiveness must cease. I get it, you only want to cater to where you're from, your sexual orientation, who you know in the movement and et cetera. It gets boring and you are perpetuating the negative aspect of this movement. Another avenue that needs mentioning is that I am in the South. To some, this may not matter, but to me, it plays a pivotal role in the movement here. Male-dominant, religious-driven, yet lacking feminine energy.

I started listening to this music as a child because of my mother. She is the one that nurtured me to the sounds that she grew up with while in NYC. One thing she taught me: acceptance. As I mature, this is becoming of a greater need. I see what she means now.

My ears are open to so many sounds of House that I could never EVER imagine. Truly thankful.

Through travels, I have met bomb ass women, such as: Sabine, Mryto Joyce, Zandy, Kristel Morin, Anane Vega, Helen Ting, DJ Tabu, Saturna, Mikki Afflick, Miss Kai, Funke, DJ shErOck and so many others. You women inspire me to dance freely, be who I am and always give through music. This is what it is about. I am so over the politics and social aspect of it. Who gives two shits anymore?

My blog usually focuses on the male aspect of the movement because that is what I was conditioned to listening to and seeing while going out. I did recognize a post with my homegirl, Myrto Joyce out of NYC. Henceforth, my commitment to women will be highlighted on this blog on a larger scale.

This also has to be expressed in the dance arena as well. Ladies, whatever happened to us dancing feminine and being proud of it? For me, I was always scared to show my femininity to dance due to the simple fact that some would perceive it in a negative way. Enjoying my face done up, smelling right, hair looking good and wearing feminine clothing always gives me a little bit of Pride. When I was introduced to Brian Green while out at House In The Park last year, he expressed this sentiment. He appreciated the fact that dancing was free, feminine, yet had balance. For him to see that, after being a pioneer in this movement, says a lot: We have work to do. ALL OF US!

The elephant is in the room and is making a lot of damn noise.

 I cannot let this sit in me anymore. So, I say to my ladies and gentlemen, who is down?!

I Love all who give and I mean that from the bottom of my Heart.