Monday, September 26, 2011

Sunday SchoolxAfrique Electrique: Libra Celebration wsg Josh Milan

Been a while since I have updated. So many things in this World is really waking a sister up like myself. Nonetheless, I am back with the goodness! What can I say about my boy, Salah Ananse? He is a man of talent, a sweetheart and a real cool dude to have in your corner. Big ups to Ramon Rawsoul for doing the damn thing on the decks! I will ALWAYS have LOVE for these gentlemen.

I am forever thankful for his energy that he puts into having weekly events that shed light on DJs in Atlanta and across many genres overall. He is a selfless being within this scene. Please believe when I tell you: This man is about set ATL's House Scene on fire! I will ALWAYS be in this cat's corner. Watch what I tell you. He started it on the good foot with an event in Miami and now as of last night, he sealed the deal for me even more. He brings all of Atlanta's taste makers to his event. One such amazing individual is Josh Milan from Blaze.

You cannot leave out Joshua Milan and Kevin Hedge from developing the sound that IS SOULFUL House. I have some of their greatest tracks: How Deep Is Your Love, People Hold On, Elevation, Lovely Ones and so on. When you have music that pulls at your heart strings and brings you to tears, it shows the TRUE musician and artist that exists from within. I feel many nowadays do it for selfish reasons. However, BECAUSE of these two, they are one of the reasons that I am a House HEAD! Okay, enough of me writing, here are some pics (LIBRAS IN THE HOUSE!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALAH):

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

7th Annual House In The Park...YESSIR!!!!

Why am I STILL recovering and it is Wednesday?! This does NOT make any sense. I was zoned out from the time I got there until the time I left. Goodness knows the energy was high despite the rain. You are mad bourgeoisie if you missed out because of a little sprinkle of mother Nature. I know dancing inside that Pavilion felt like a damn sauna.

That did not stop THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people from coming out and showing LOVE through dance. Big ups to Ramon Rawsoul, Kai Alce, Salah Ananse and DJ Kemit. You gentlemen truly showed your ASSES off and all a sista could do was smile. And for the people who get up on the tables and do not dance: CHILE STOP THAT MESS!!! You are killing the energy. Go stand somewhere else. Okay, I think I am done. Now for some pictures!

P.S.- Why were people posted at the park 6 in the morning?! My people got there around 11:30 and parking was stupid crazy! That is what music does to people. For those I missed seeing, love y'all! See you next year or in MIA! <3