Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chez Damier at SoundTable and Joe Claussell at Tambor Party

This weekend, Atlanta was in for a treat. On Friday night, Kai Alce brought down his mentor, Chez Damier to the SoundTable. I am usually a bit hesitant about the some of the Detroit sound. However, Chez blended it perfectly. Had me dancing all night.

I will say this though: Kai's set was the BEST set I have heard from him. Made me a bit emotional because you could tell he picked out every song and vibed along with the crowd. From beginning to end. I give big ups and much Love to him. Made a sista smile from ear to ear.

If you missed this, you MIGHT wanna save some dollars and head up to Detroit Memorial Day weekend for Movement Electronic Music Festival. Now for the pictures:

On Saturday, Atlanta was ready. Hell, we already had the baby powder and shoes ready for Joe Claussell. Words cannot explain the high I had. If you were there and CLAIMED to be a house head and not dancing, I am gonna need for you to retire. The emotion he gives through movement and music made my heart sing. Big ups to Yoli Chisholm for rolling through. That is a TRUE House head. Much Love mama!

We also had the honor of hearing Miranda Nicole saaaaang! For those that do not know whom she is, her track has been rotation for a while and was JUST released. Ian Friday has had it hot and heavy in his arsenal. I have been hearing for a while now and I always wondered who it is. Go COP 'Kissing You' on Traxsource!!!! Congrats darling! Atlanta is setting it up and throwing it down when it comes to the scene. Now for pictures:

It is safe to say that I have not danced like that since WMC. Thank You Joe Claussell, Chez Damier, Stan Zeff, Brian Edward and all of those out there who are in the name of HOUSE.

Video of Joe Claussell doing the damn thing:

Much Love.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Countdown ATLANTA!!!