Saturday, January 1, 2011

NYE 2011 with Benji B (Deviation/BBC 1 UK)

So last night was amazing to say the least! Never will I be a dumbass and wait until the LAST minute to get a ticket AGAIN! I feel for those who could not get in at all. The night started off with some Teena Marie. Madness and beauty to say the least! Some old school disco came into play. When he dropped Louie Vega's 'Dance Ritual', I lost it. Wait, scratch that: Donae'o has this hot ass track called 'Party Hard'. I love some hot ass UK tracks. A little Soca, with some House and a hint of broken beat definitely made my evening. He really closed it out for me with some Slum Village. Dilla Dilla Dilla. Beats Beats Beats.
Onto the pictures:

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