Monday, December 20, 2010

Casamena and Peven Everett

This past weekend brought some amazing talent to Atlanta. Carlos Mena (Casamena, SF) stopped through to show Atlanta some Love. The last time he played was Labor Day weekend and did the damn thing. Hearing some of my fav tunes, such as: Blaze's 'Elevation', Karizma's remix of 'Wanna Be Loved', DJ Spinna's remix of Black Coffee's track 'Never Saw You Coming' and Manoo's remix of 'Zvinosirisa' really set the dance floor on deck. Big ups to Tiffany for bringing him down. Now for some pictures:

Saturday night was off the hook! Everytime Peven Everett rolls through the A, I always seem to miss him: first MJQ and then Apache. I made sure to not have missed him at Tambor this past Saturday. Big ups to the Tambor Crew for making it happen. Such a real ass dude. Billie Jewell is officially the business. I appreciate the conversation that her, Peven and myself had. Gave me insight into what I truly want to accomplish in this scene. Knowledge is key. When I heard Burning Hot, Sunshine, Gabrielle, Girl Of My Dreams and Inspiration, I felt on cloud nine.
Photo time:


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