Friday, September 24, 2010

Tambor Party with Ian Friday


What can I say?! Big ups first and foremost to Tambor Party for being a hit with the readers of Creative Loafing as ATL's After Dark event. Another big shout out to DJ Kemit for being critic's choice for Creative Loafing's CL List 2010: ATL's BEST DJ! Thank goodness Atlanta knows what's up. Congratulations you all!

Atlanta has really proven to be a hot mecca for events and music! Kai putting 'I Got Life' out with Terrance Downs and Justin Chapman, Ramon Rawsoul with 'House In The Park' and Stan Zeff with Tambor Party. Ian Friday (Tea Party Music/Brooklyn Mecca/Libation NYC) blessed us with some tunes! I lost it. I felt like I was back in the Caribbean, alongside my peoples. He brought the heat from the first track to the last. The tracks that got me: Gwebindala, Burning Hot, Kodjo, Don't Be Afraid, More Of You (Rise In Peace Jimmy Abney), Heartbreak Hotel and others.

I felt like I was back at the damn Tribe Party in MIA. I did my best to keep my clothes on. I would say that I did an amazing job. To go on record: This Tambor
made me smile and quite possibly my favorite! I felt my eyes roll in the back of my head. John Roberts on the drums made it no damn better. Percussions and drums always get me going.

Thank You Ian for blessing us once again. ATL loves you!


Here is a snipper interview that I did on the spot with Ian. Big ups to Freddy for taping! I heart you guys!

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