Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tambor Party with Jose Marquez and Adult Skate: MLK Edition

As the evening rolled in, so did I. After a long day's work, I needed to relieve on the dance floor. I always look forward to Tambor Party to do just that.

DJ BE started off the night warming up the dance floor for the dancers and then it was time...

My homie, Jose Marquez was in town and it was a nice treat for us ATL folk. If you do not know, this man is dope in his own right. I feel as if many of us here in the South get too spoiled with a particular sound. It is time to break that mold and he did just that. He brought in some drums, some percussion and of course, a bit of the West Coast flavor. I enjoyed it and this dancer got her Life in. About half way through the set, Stan Zeff came in and the crowd soared with energy even more.

I appreciate the tag team on the decks because at the end, Jose saved the best for last. Thank You for coming here and blessing us with your sound. I will see you at Mi Casa Holiday, my brother!!

P.S.- Why did Ausar AND Jose have on Kazukuta SHIRTS?! Big ups to my homie, DJeff!!! What amazing souls!! Here are some pictures from that night:


The following night was Adult Skate. Anybody who knows about Adult Skate know how crazy the energy is. Well this one in particular was special for many reasons: We celebrated the man who was all for Peace and Unity among us all: Martin Luther King. Secondly, it was the Inauguration of Barack Obama for his second term. Talk about positive energy and spirits of many being uplifted. Adult Skate is the quintessence of such. Whenever it falls on this weekend for some beautiful reason, the energy is HIGH. This night was no exception. Walked in and expected people to warm up by just chatting...

That was not the case. Kemit already had the joint on fire with rawness. I slipped off my coat and started up on the wooden floor. Whenever I am on the wooden floors, I feel free and full of movement. Had my little corner and started going in. By this time, it was going into the midnight hour and more folks started rolling in. At this point, people are grooving and dancing. I say my hellos to Kemit, Cullen, Kai, Karin and countless others before returning to the dance floor. At this point, Cullen gets on with his funky self. I look to the crowd and I see people just standing and looking at people dancing.

DISCLAIMER: Why the HELL are you standing around looking at a group of people dancing? Nothing wrong with people feeling one another through dance, but when you dance one on one the whole night, it gets repetitive and boring. I have nothing against ciphers and whatnot. I enjoy sharing my energy with those who may not be used to it, but I cannot do it the whole night. YOU KILL THE ENERGY OF THE ROOM AND THE NIGHT! Besides, I am a dancer, not an entertainer or spectator. If you do that, don't come out and dance. Space is already limited as it is.

Okay, back to the music...

Cullen really heats it up with the Cassioware track. At this point, I am trying my best to break up the cipher because I want that REAL energy back. The lights go dark (THANK GOODNESS! Thank You, Kai) and Kai is on. When I tell you Kai brought that shit...OH MY GOODNESS!! I lost my ever-loving mind. I was at one point making love to the dance floor and getting it in with another being. That shit was pure raw, unadulterated fun! That is what I miss about the Atlanta scene: The rawness. Kai and very few others keep it that way. So I say to those who missed it: Gotta wait a couple more months.

P.S. - The chick who left her shoes found them. I am waiting for Kemit to drop an album with those shoes as his cover!

Onto the pictures:


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