Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Gathering 7 Year Anniversary with MasterKev

Having the pleasure of getting to know one of the most down to Earth people is truly amazing. I met Ramon during one night out at MJQ Deep Saturdays. He approached me about an event he was doing called 'House In The Park'. Ever since then, we have been friends. I can truly say that he is one of few that I respect in this game. Hailing from Chicago, he brought something unique to the table that not many DJs here in Atlanta have. To see his sound evolve is truly inspirational.

I remember when he had Imported Underground with Ryze and the tracks he would bang out. You wanna talk about some rawness?! It is only just that RamonRawsoul lives up to his name sake. I will never forget the night that Jovonn played and I heard 'T.F.J. (Theme From Jovonn). The damn generator kept blowing out. Someone kept restarting it, then we all continued dancing. There was NO HEAT or lights in this space that we all danced in. It went on until the sun came up and we all said our goodbyes and waited for the next one.

Rich Medina with his locks came and played at his party. Utter and pure magic to see the heads unite all in the name of music. David Harness came and turned it out for us all. We were in Heaven. For the Four Year Anniversary, Ian Friday came down and that was the first time I heard 'More Of You'. Me and Nishana were RIGHT next to each other and just went crazy! Ian looked up and smiled. Talk about a magical night. 

This past Saturday was NO exception...

Walked up into Space 2 seeing faces that I have not seen in many years roll through give Ramon and Kai their respects and Love (I COULD HAVE SWORN I SAW RYZE up in the piece!). Looked up on the wall and there were pictures of individuals who shaped this monthly event into what it has become today. I share hugs with so many wonderful souls and Kai is banging out the goodness! Classics and newness he intertwines so gracefully on the decks. I have so much Love and respect for this man it is not even funny. At this point, the crowd is building and I am sweating. I should have not worn that damn top with the turtleneck, though (sigh).

Midnight rolls around and at this point, there is NO room to dance. I get a bit hyped when tracks come on and people STAND RIGHT BY THE SPEAKER! I had to tell a brother to let me occupy that space by the rest of the night. Kev finally rolls in and I share hugs and conversation. Quite possibly one of the coolest people I have ever met (So great seeing you, man! Until soon, my friend). At this point, he was rested and ready to give Atlanta a piece of him and for us to share ourselves with him through dance. He starts off his set with a track produced by Osunlade called 'Piano in The Dark'. That banger is just oh so beautiful!

Thomas and Sarah present Ramon with a cake celebrating 7 years of wonderful music and parties. To see the look on his face was priceless! Kev is going in at this point and I lose it on the dancefloor. I open my eyes back up and crowd is going nuts. Hearing people whistle, yell and scream is a sign of a good night. The highlights for me was seeing Melba getting it in AND seeing my darling, Meghan rocking it out on the dance floor, Soukeyna doing floor moves and Cortney doing some moves I have NEVER seen her do. These ladies are amazing! My new friend from Paris brought her friend along and the night was complete.

The lights come on and Ramon starts banging out 'T.F.J'. I was done. Rodney pulls me close to him and before you know it, I am rolling on the floor and getting into trouble with him. If you ever want an amazing dance partner, Rodney is the one! Ramon ends the night with 'Life Starts Today'. Although it is a popular track and played a lot by DJs, it never gets old to me. Something about it makes my soul full and my mind happy. Thank You gentlemen and all those involved for an incredible night. Lucky number 7 lived on this night...

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