Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The TRUTH about Carl Craig

Saturday night, I took time out to refresh my ears to hear some Carl Craig. To some, he plays Techno. But let's get this straight: THIS MAN PLAYS MUSIC!! He has been all over the World and for some odd reason, these Detroit folk always keep it gangster. Project B brought him to play and let me just say: A sista was impressed.

Downside: Not enough room to dance and some of the patrons were rude. I really got a bit tired of people bumping into me, knocking me in the head and standing on the dance floor.

Nonetheless, Kai Alce opened the night with some rawness and some Detroit flavour. I mean this with alll my Heart: Kai showed out and turned it. I enjoyed the diversity of sound within his set and for that, THANK YOU! He never plays the same redundancy on the decks and it is always refreshing, yet full of soul. Bobi Stevkovski brought a big of harder, yet Tech House feel to his set.

Then the man himself, Carl Craig steps on. When his set busted out with some newness from Moodymann, I knew it was gonna be a cool night. He mixed some of his goodness, Kevin Saunderson and other Detroit greats up in that piece. One thing I can say about the crowd Saturday night: Whatever Carl played, people listened, people danced and determined with their ears through movement. That track he played at the end, AJ and myself got it in on the wooden floor.  Let me just say this: We as a community here in Atlanta MUST come together! Secondly, the dancers need to as well. And lastly, can we NOT play the same 10 tracks?! I LOVE diversity! Give me some Tech House, some Soul, some rawness. Something. This is one of the many reasons I do not go out anymore. We gotta stop spinning for the same group and DIVERSIFY! The youth need to be a part of it. Please believe that when it happens, we can mature.



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