Friday, April 5, 2013


I can never get enough of this place. Every time I that I visit, I always have the best of times and wonderful energy surrounding me. Big ups to my homies Perez and Amnel Massimo! they made this trip worthwhile and I am EXTREMELY HUMBLED to be in your presence! I can never get enough of cool ass folks! I keep telling folks: Mi Casa Holiday is an experience! I have met so many individuals from this trip and bonded more with a few, like the Massimos. Having wonderful empanadas down the street to going out and cutting a rug is what it is all about.

I touched down Wednesday and relaxed. Thursday rolls around and you know what that means: LIBATION!! Tortured Soul was also playing that night. No disrespect, but I HAD to get my dancing in. I see Brian from Afro Mosaic Soul as he shows Love when Amnel, Perez and myself walk in. Ian Friday was already bringing the HEAT! I find my spot and lo and behold, I see Sabine! When I tell you this lady gets it cracking not only on the decks, but on the dancefloor, you better believe it! We exchanged hugs and laughs, then it was back to the floor. I see my homie, Kristelle Morin and Melanie from London in the house! This is bond to be a great evening!

As I warm up even more, I run into more familiar faces. Camera lights flashing left and right as we get it in. I LOVE Ian's style due to the simple fact that he always tells a story for the dancer, yet brings the raw Caribbean flavor that I miss a lot. Not many DJs can do that for me. I am in my ZONE and I notice other beings getting it in as well. Maybe it is just me, but I feel that some of the dancers there do not go there to dance. Not to diss anyone in particular, but when you dance, there should be soul and spirit behind it. I take nothing from what they do, just my two cents.

The night rolls on and DJ Spinna pops up on the decks and sets the evening off just right. I danced a bit and knew I had to save my energy because Friday was an EPIC night!

The next day was a lax day. I got my rest on and chilled for a bit. The evening strolls in and it is time! There was this huge South African joint that Louie and Anane were at and I HAD to be there. Then I find out that Zandy, Black Coffee, Culoe, Fresh and other awesomeness was on the bill?! YOU KNOW I HAD TO BE UP IN THAT PIECE!

I get to the spot in Astoria,Queens called System. This spot reminds me of Opera here in Atlanta: Pretentious security, who were somewhat rude. The bartender was a darling, though. I appreciated him making me laugh. We get there and Zandy is on. You can tell that South Africans were in the building because of the dancing, the flag-waving and of course, the youth in attendance. This is one thing that I respect about their movement: They include the young. Now if only the states would follow suit. Of course the sound may be different, but you have a following that can decipher their own sound and branch that out to the masses. I mean, look at Culoe De Song, Black Motion, Shimza and others. They did the damn thing and BRING it!

I give my hugs to Omena, Anee, Sabine once more, Zandy, some Are You Afro folks, Tracy and so many others. I see Anane and the way she says 'Debbie!' is utterly adorable! What a sweet soul.

Next up: DJ Fresh. DJ Fresh has an eclectic blend. He can merge both the techy and the deep together. I first met him in Miami three years ago and since then, he always shows Love. The crowd is feeling it and the girls in the stilettos are working it! He does his thing and the crowd cheers in excitement.  Louie and Anane Vega are on! I think it took everyone for a loop when they mixed the ZA sounds with some classics and then some bangers that many of us have not heard yet. Louie played this one track and I LOST IT!! I am waiting for it to come out on either Tribe or Vega Records. Deff played it on one of his soundcloud mixes and I NEED that joint in my Life. Continue?

I see him RIGHT before his set. He inquires as to why I am not in ATL and I told him I am here for THIS tonight. The man himself, Black Coffee gets on. He rips it and the crowd is dancing and going bananas! I was looking forward to seeing Culoe De Song, but he was in the building. But alas! Shimza gets on the decks and DESTROYS it. I am on a bar next to the stairs losing my damn mind lol

Why did the damn lights go up?! UGGH!!! A line out the door to get my jacket, though?! An amazing night of music to say the least. Saturday was a chill day and then Sunday rolls around...

SHELTER NYC!!!!!!!!!!!

So I was meeting up with my Godmother, Lucia so we could go together. She informs me that I got off RIGHT down the street from Shelter and to just go in. I hate when I think I got off at the right stop and did not. Anyways, I roll in and there is a sea of people getting down 5:00 in the afternoon!!! You would think since Winter Music Conference has started that people would be in the sun?! NOPE! Timmy was on the decks and I must admit, he was bringing it! I run into The Minister, Philippe, from Australia. This dude does not play when it comes to Timmy. He was already in Miami, flew to NYC JUST to hear Timmy and flying BACK to MIA on Monday. Talk about dedication!

The place is on fire and I am already sweating from the tunes. I see Rhodesia, Linda, Serge and so many others this day. As the day went on, it became more and more packed! That is when I knew it was about to be epic! I had to take a breather for a minute, so I went over into the next room. Mark Francis is on the decks and beating it silly! I get it in with Sabine and then I head back into the main room. I felt the damn heat and sweat out of that spot! Talk about bananas! At this point, Timmy busts out with 'Rescue Me (MAW Mix)' and I make eye contact with Carlito! That joint always gets me jumpin' and screaming.

To say that this trip was EPIC is an understatement. I thank all who made it worthwhile, especially seeing my Godmother and sister, Stella. Love You and see you soon! <3 br="">!

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