Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A letter to Osunlade

One never knows the impact music can reach to a soul. I remember hearing the Paradigm CD from when I was in my teens and going, 'What is this?! I need more'. Moms going to Satellite Records and buying Tortured Soul's 'I Might Do Something Wrong' (on vinyl) and hearing EVERY piece of instrument, vocals, breaks and everything in between. I always told myself, 'I would meet Osunlade one day...'

Years later, we share hugs, laughs and conversation. What a wonderful soul to know. When I first met him, I cannot lie, I was utterly humbled, yet intimidated. The energy that one carries is insurmountable. This meant more to me because I knew that this would influence me not only on a physical and mental level, but spiritual as well. I have become more available to my ancestors and even recalling songs that I have heard without even looking up the lyrics because of this human being. So it is suffice to say that I was more than ready for Saturday night.

Saturday night was absolutely beautiful! Never in my years of listening to music have I been on a journey as I was on Saturday night for Tambor Party. I have not seen Osunlade since Mi Casa Holiday and that in itself was beautiful. I felt the energy of my ancestors while in Playa del Carmen, danced with the sun and met some amazing souls! Cannot get any better than that.

I digress for a moment. I cloaked myself with the energies of my ancestors and all of those energies which I needed to contain myself on the dance floor. Whenever he comes into town, one knows to be prepared for something unique and special. He did just that. AJ and myself arrived a little after 11 and DJ BE was on the decks warming up the crowd. Stretching is necessary, as I did not want to go kaput by the end of the evening.

We make our way to the dance floor. We receive hugs and laughter. 

Osunlade arrives and a big smile crept upon my face. The hug was one of love, being thankful and humility. The first thing we discussed is Mexico. I cannot wait for another year of beautiful energy. He is thankful to be here. Atlanta, believe it or not, is one of his favourite cities to play in. Peep that folk. That says something about the movement here. Let's keep it alive! 

When he got on, he brought the rawness and tech that I miss dearly. One gets tired of hearing the same top ten tracks and the afro sound. I really need to move and let that shit hit me in the fucking chest. I never forget when he told me how he plays music and the more raw that it is, the more one can relate and move to it. I did just that. He busted out some Lana Del Ray, Frank Ocean, Prince, Funk, Songs for the ancestors, Afro, Soul and everything in between. I damn near lost my mind when I heard 'Olmec Save Us', 'Mirror Dance', 'Personal Jesus', Nadirah Shakoor singing 'Pride' LIVE, 'Fugama Unamathe', some drums for Chango and 'Change For Me'. That track gets me every time.

It hit me when I got home that Stan Zeff did not get on and play his set. I think he did at the beginning with BE, but I cannot remember for the Life of me. Not gonna lie, I would NOT want to play after that set. That was something serious! THANK YOU Stan Zeff, DJ BE and all of the Tambor family for an amazing night. I give my sincerest LOVE to Osunlade and see you in Mexico! Mi Casa Holiday awaits us!


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