Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tambor Party PRESENTS Djeff Afrozilla (Kazukuta, Nulu, Tribe)

Let me just say this: If you missed this man on the decks last night, I really do not know what to tell you.

REWIND TO WMC 2012 - Tribe Records Party at The Vagabond: So my brother, Carlos Mena is like, 'Yo, this kid is the truth! You might wanna stay for his set for a second...'. Ausar also informs me that this dude is the TRUTH and is to not be slept on. I go to greet him and he says hello and then HANDS ME A SHIRT and CD! He thanks me for dancing and I thank him for keeping the tunes going. Jose Marquez is finishing up his set and did the damn thing as well. Big ups Jose! We gotta get him to the A soon! His sound is amazing and so raw. Okay, I digress.

He steps on the decks and the SPEAKERS are RIGHT there in front of me. I am in a complete trance when he is on. I could care less if no one was dancing around me. I felt my ancestors the entire night while I was there. However, it was a warmth that covered his sound, along with the Angolan beats that kept me on the floor until Carlos tells me it is time to bounce. Such a humble and warm being. His set was INCREDIBLE!!!

DJ BE warms the crowd up with some dope bangers to get people AWAY from the walls and onto the floor in order to get Djeff nice and right for all to feel whom he is as a being on the decks. Stan Zeff closes out the night with some goodies I have not heard. A sista needs to know where she can her download from of the tracks you played. I WILL pay and dance even more.

Suffice to say when he played last night at 595 North, he did not disappoint. I am still on a high. I am a big fan of Kuduro and still learning more about it. The scene in itself is taking Angola by storm. Stadiums are filled with the sound. Reminds me a little bit of Soca with a little bit more of deepness intertwined. If you do not know about Kuduro, do your RESEARCH, folks!!! I am thankful that we as a city have the wonderful opportunity to experience sounds that other major cities do not have the opportunity to experience. It says a lot about our scene and the music overall. Atlanta is bringing the heat, folks!

Now onto the pictures and quick interview I did with him:

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