Sunday, July 22, 2012

DISTINCTIVE Presents DEEPER SHADES 10 Year Anniversary at The SoundTable

HANDS DOWN: Lars Behrenroth never disappoints when he is on the decks. I remember at the South African Party when he was on and I could not stop dancing. As the ay rolled on, Liquideep just finished performing and we peek into the back of the stage. This fool is dancing and getting it in! Talk about a cool ass individual and being.

Nonetheless, he brought his A game to the Sound Table for the 10 year Anniversary of his Website/Label, Deeper Shades Recordings. Kai Alce opened up with gems that many DJ's would never rock. It takes me back to the time I was at Satellite Records and I bought on vinyl CeCe Penniston's 'He Loves me 2' and I could not stop jamming. Kai blazed that track through some speakers and I knew it was about to be an amazing night. Lars got on the decks and before you knew it, the crowd was moving and sweating the ENTIRE night. I completely lost it when Omar's 'Lay It Down', remmixed by Andre Lodermann was on. Screaming left and right, hollering 'til I could not holler anymore. Oooh! On top of that, the shirt is fab! Orange is my colour.

Thank You Lars and Kai for an amazing night! Until then, my brother! Keep it 100%!



  1. Hey Deborah!

    I met you last week at Banana Republic and thought I'd finally check out your blog! I love it! Haha, it definitely seems like you know where the party's at! It was lovely meeting you and hopefully we'll see each other again soon.


  2. Yes lady! A pleasure, always!! I check out your blog and I am in LOVE!!! I still want that cluth from Mr. Sam, lady! <3