Tuesday, July 5, 2011


As not only a music head, I seek knowledge on all levels. I am helping with this event and would be amazing to see all gain insight into what makes us FEEL, what GUIDES our feet and what ELEVATES the spirit. Atlanta's own, DJ Ausar created this concept, which coincides with the National Black Arts Festival. An event NOT to be missed!

Symposiums with DJs who deal with the ties of Africa (directly or indirectly through music), Dance Collectives focusing on Orisha folklore, Music guided by the drum and most of all, the energies surrounding it all.

DJs so far for the lineup: DJ Mafioso, DJ Ausar, Kemit, Stan Zeff, Carlos Mena, Salah Ananse and South Africa's own, Culoe De Song. A weekend not to be missed!

Dates: July 15th - July 17th

For more info, go here: DJ DIASPORA

Cannot wait for the DRUM, DANCE and beauty of OUR ROOTS to be expressed. Let's go Atlanta!

Much Love.

A sneak peek of sounds to accompany you before the event:


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