Wednesday, July 20, 2011

ORIGINS:DJ DIASPORA, Tambor Party w/ Culoe De Song and Sunday School

Another amazing weekend to put in the book for Atlanta's music scene.

First and foremost: I have to give thanks to DJ Ausar for letting me contribute to the very first and of many events like this one. Without his vision, the event would not have taken off. Secondly, Carlos Mena with his storytelling of the many Orishas gave me a better insight into what spirits lie amongst us if we just look, listen and learn. My homegirl, Sabine. She ripped the decks this past weekend at Sunday School and gave me a dance that I shall remember. Oya is with you and I give thanks for your amazing energy. Charmaine Minniefield for being the behind-the-scenes woman who played a greater role in all of us coming together. Salah Ananse for letting Sunday School and Afrique Electrique become what it has become.

Everyone else as well for showing Love for this event. It is time. For too long we have been complacent and not truly recognizing the importance of Africa within music. Sure, we hear certain sounds and vocals. But do we know what it truly means?

On Friday night, Carlos Mena blessed us on the decks. For those who missed it: YOU REALLY missed out! Sekou had the agogo going and I unfortunately did not get any pics of Carlos doing his thing because I was dancing the whole night.

Here are some pictures I took:

On Saturday, I had the wonderful and beautiful opportunity to get some Afro-Cuban Orisha dance in, which was taught by Charisse Williams (BIG UPS!). Carlos started off the energy with some storytelling. Thank You oh so much for the wonderful vibes and energy. I felt at peace. At the end of the dance session, we had a 5th generation drummer from Nigeria come in and speak, then play for us all. How humbling is that?!

That night, Culoe De song came and tore it up if I must say so myself. When I heard 'Stop Jealousy', my energy soared and I was completely in another World. At the end of his set, he closed it out with 'The Bright Forest'. Chile, myself and Shana were done for! I lost my damn whistle in the process. Oh well! It was well worth it! Big ups to the Tambor Crew for showing us all what a REAL music event is. Pictures:

On Sunday, we were all blessed by the amazing DJ Sabine Blaizin from NYC. For those that don't know, she was also part of the dance group, Dance Warrior Project of NYC. She also plays alongside Ian Friday. Big ups mama! Now she has Oyasound, which is sure to be blazing soon. Many blessings to you mama!


Video of some of the awesomeness from this past weekend!

Thank You for the support and until the next outing...



  1. Thank you, Deborah for your support and energy. It was like family each night not wanting it to end. From the drummers joining the Djs on Friday at the first event, House Broken with DJ Ausar and Carlos Mena, to the perfect sunset over the King District drawing historic crowds and even the Mayor of Atlanta, the weekend was magical. Stay with us as there is even more to come. Until next time, keep dancing my lady!

  2. You know you have my full support and Thank YOU for letting us all experience the magic, which is this event.

    We are about to do it big.


  3. Funke and Mafioso were here as well