Sunday, February 13, 2011

My WMC 2011 List

As you know it, Miami is right around the corner. I cannot wait for all the the goodness to touch down when us househeads roll through. Here are some events that I will be attending for WMC:


Mi Casa Holiday Pool Party
REASON: With the lineup such as: Kristelle Morin (Tribe), Julius The Mad Thinker (Chicago), Master Kev, Keith Evan (Las Vegas) and Max Pela (Uhuru Africa, Boston), what better way to start off a celebration?


Lotus WMC Music Showcase
REASON: Vikter Duplaix's sexy behind will be there, along with my peoples Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic), Josh Milan (Blaze) and Julius The Mad Thinker. Feeling REAL sexy and deep here.

Shelter Party
REASON: Two words - Joe Claussell. I hope to goodness I keep my attire on. Missed Southport Weekender last year and I heard he was amazing! Need I say more?

10th Annual Let The Singer Be Heard
REASON: Barbara Tucker baby! The diva herself always turns it out. Besides, Rodney Williams always gets on me for missing it! Baltimore will be doing damage at this event: Sheila Ford, Marc Evans and others are sure to turn it out!

United Music - Stalwart and Swank PRESENTS: I'll House You!
REASON: France's own, DJ Rork is sure to bring some gems. Good friend, Ian Friday (Libation/Tea Party Music, NYC), never disappoints with his selection of music that reminds me of the Caribbean. Carlos Mena always keeps me on my feet with his raw music and of course, the man himself, DJ Spinna. Yeah, Le fin.

REASON: I love this fucking party! ALL THE REAL DANCERS are up in this piece! I had a blast last year. Definitely a day party NOT to miss!


Women on The Decks
REASON: Great to see Mikki Afflick on this bill. This woman came to ATL a while back and had my ass worn out before Abicah Sole came out. Talk about about fierceness! Bitch you better work! The beautiful Anane Vega blesses the deck, as well as DJ Sabine. Not only can this woman dance, but she can blend her ass off! You inspire me to push everyday!

TRIBE 2nd Annual Pool Party
REASON: There are pics of me in a bikini dancing my ass off at this party! This is FIRE! I felt free when Ian played 'Gwebindala'. From then I knew, this is one event that kept me smiling the rest of the conference. Dancing the whole day, seeing ALL of the players in the scene that I love, on top of people from all over the World, how can you miss this?! Roland Clark doing live P.A., Nathan Adams, Zepherin Saint and others on the bill. Cannot wait!

United Records 3rd Anniversary Party
REASON: Ultra Nate! I live for her fierceness! DJ Rork and Lady Bird along with other hitters in the scene. Go go go!

REASON: I was a damn fool and missed this shit last year! I AM NOT missing it this year! South Africans know how to get down and bang some joints to keep you moving! Black Coffee, Culoe De Song, Halo and Lars B are some amazing mofos! Cannot wait to hear the rest in the lineup as well.

Beats Build Hope:
REASON: Nickodemus, along with Adam Gibbons and others. For an amazing cause! Let's go!


Afrique Electrique
REASON: Gotta show love to Salah Ananse's monthly event here in ATL! Spread Love's own, DJ Kemit, will be in the building. Rich Medina never has me chillin' on the wall. Ausar with the Afro vibes, along with DJ Wasabi on the decks and with Dave K. Pappa (Italy). Daytime party with a twist

Shut Up 'N Dance
REASON: Worldwide Global Soul/Deep House sounds. This should be a treat, indeed.

The G++dness Meets Spread Love
REASON: What if all I wanted to say was, 'Ooooh wee!'. Lady Alma is the TRUTH! The line up: Daz-I-Kue, DJ Kemit, Karl Injex and others. Done.


High On Soul
REASON: The lineup says it all: Zepherin Saint, Master Kev, Stacy Kidd, David Sabat and DJ Bruno. YEEEAH!!

Body and Soul
REASON: Danny Krivit, Francois K and Joe Claussell. Yep.

South African Invasion Party
REASON: Damn Son. Yep. I cannot wait to hear some amazing fucking beats from the Motherland. Let's get it! The Dancer will be up in the building.

Jump'N Funk/Spread Love/Aquabooty
REASON: Combine Rich Medina, DJ Kemit, Djinji Brown and the Philly Sound. Oh snap son! I cannot miss this!

Dance Ritual
REASON: Shit shit and double shit! Saturday is killing me! Josh Milan, Carlos Mena and Louie Vega?! Yep! Hotness!

And that folks, is the hotness for WMC 2011! I am done here...for now ;)


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