Tuesday, May 15, 2012

WMC 2012

So I am MAD late with this post because I am slowly coming down from my HIGH from Winter Music Conference this year. EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that happened for the best came into play and I am thankful to be a part of such an amazing festival.

First and foremost, I want to say Thank You to the following:

Talaia, Soukeyna and Shana - These three right here are the business! Made the trip BOMB from day one! No cattiness, no drama and most importantly, everyone did their own thing and we all managed to meet up at the same place. Memories I shall cherish because you all are my sisters! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Yoli Chisholm - Such a pleasure getting to bond with my sis! I can truly say her wings are bigger and shall continue to immerse herself in positive vibes. Love You bunches, lady and Thank You for letting me do your makeup once again! You ARE FIERCE, baby!

Carlos Mena - This is my brother! Stellar sets during WMC. I mean it! Still mad about not getting that chocolate shake because they were out of Ice Cream. Where they do that at? LOL!

Madam CJ - She is my big sister and has taught me the realness from day ONE! Thank You for making this trip for me hilarious, yet memorable! DARKNESS!!!

Brian Scarlett - One word for you: Allriiiiiight! Always keeping it hundred no matter what.

Amonds Mack and Rodney Williams - One of the first to show me Love and open arms. Without these two, I truly would not be immersed in the scene as I am now. Made me a fierce chick times ten! I love having beautiful men by my side. I Love You with all my HEART!

The TRIBE RECORDS UK CREW (Dean, Kristelle and Matt) - Another banging party this year at The Vagabond. Thank You so much for the Love and keep bringing out the tunes!

The ATL crew - As you know, we did the damn thing and represented! We are a force to be reckoned with. Now we just gotta take it to the next level. Big ups RamonRawsoul, Salah Ananse, Ausar and any others. We are laying it down, folks!

Boddhi Satva - What can I say, brother? You are divine and such an honour to be acquainted with you. Still trying to find video from the dance circle that we were in when you called me out. Keep banging that goodness and by the way - Is that 'Window Seat' out?! HEAT!!!

South African Peeps - THANK YOU DJ FRESH for the Love! I had a blast at the South African Invasion! YOU DID THAT!!!

Djeff Afrozilla - Such a pleasure meeting you. Thank You for the CD and the shirt :)

My Toronto, Australia and London Peeps - Always a pleasure seeing EVERY single one of you! I plan to travel to see you all. Better have something on deck when a sista arrives!

ARE YOU AFRO? CREW - Bring the Afro to the masses and keep pushing! See you in NYC this summer :)

Sabine - I cannot wait to see you! I am so proud of you, sis! Keep climbing and banging those joints, mama!

Laurent and Seydou - It was brief, but fun nonetheless! Thank You, gentlemen!

If there is anyone else I forgot, my bad. I send an abundance of LOVE! 

Quick recap: Favourite Parties
- Ocha Records Rooftop Party
- Global Soul Launch Event
- Brooklyn Mecca
- Dance Ritual
- Sounds of Atlantis
- Dance Ritual
- Afrique Electrique
- South African Invasion

Know what is even better to prove the awesomeness of this event?! VIDEO! Enjoy!

LOVE and see you at the next!

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