Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Gathering PRESENTS Jamie 3:26

Okay, let me rewind for a minute...

I was in Miami during the Winter Music Conference in 2010 and was introduced to this cat by my good friend, RamonRawsoul. Now usually, I have a slight bias when it comes to certain sounds. I am open-minded for the most part, but some sections of the country have a different perspective of House Music. Jamie represents the Chicago sound which encompasses so many great layers of  that has shaped what we hear in many tracks today. BACK ON POINT: The Shelter Party at The Shelborne - I scooted over to the small room with a few peeps and BAM! This cat was giving me LIFE! I felt like throwing down with some dancers. However, I was developing myself as a dancer and still had a ways to go.

Yeah, so it is suffice to say that this man is the TRUTH!! If you missed him last night, I really dunno what to tell you. He mixed the classics, The Chicago sound, to the newness that we all heard nowadays. Besides Culoe De Song, he is the ONLY one who played 'Let The Sunshine In'. When I heard 'I'm Doing Fine', I LOST IT!!!! Just raw, dirty and FUCKING ridiculous! Thank YOU Kai Alce and RamonRawsoul for bringing the beats and keeping amazing acts coming almost every month. YESSIRR!!!! Enough of me chatting, here are some pictures:

Much LOVE and until the next Gathering...

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