Thursday, June 2, 2011

House Dancers of Atlanta

About a couple of months ago, I happen to stumble upon something on Meetup. Now for those who do not know what Meetup is, pretty much you meet people with the same collective interest as you do. First and foremost, I am a dancer. I feel the music and the spirit within me to guide my feet and the rest of my body.

I stumbled upon a group called 'House Dancers of Atlanta'. Now let's break it down for some who are not quite the dancing type: YOU DO WHAT YOU FEEL. Yes, some feel that it is an art form that should be expressed in the form of instruction. However, I feel that if you can tap your foot, nod your head and even yell out loud, guess what? IT IS HOUSE DANCING.

The founder and organizer of the group, Isile Kashoro, is a House Head herself. Shoutouts to the young people in the scene sharing their creativity and talents amongst all. Some may not like it, but we are here to stay. As well as her being the organizer, I am alongside her. Watch out: WOMEN ARE TAKING OVER. In a scene dominated primarily with men, it is time for women to start doing the damn thing.

Big ups to all the women in the Atlanta scene and all over spreading the Word and LOVE of House Music.

Do not be scared ATL: Get some shoes and join us every Wednesday. Yes, we can all get down at other events and discuss so much more. It is just good to get down to some amazing music on a wooden dancefloor with like-minded souls all in the name of good music.

Check us out: House Dancers of Atlanta

Pictures and Video:


  1. Great article Deborah! Keep doing your thang, girl!

  2. Hello, I am directing a house music video Dec. 18th at the House of Blend Downtown Atlanta. I need dancers, dancers and more dancers. Anyone interested send email to