Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A state of transition

[Chorus: Yahzarah]
Out of touch, wasting time
My heart (oooh if this is love)
Everything I thought I knew, I lost in you
You're turning me around (oooh if this is love)
Foreign Exchange ft. Yazarah - If this is Love

I heart that track so much. I had a heart to heart with a good friend of mine in Texas and I have really learned what some of my closest think about me. It was nothing bad. I took it all in stride because she knows me inside out and I appreciate it. LADIES: First and foremost, Love you first. We are all capable of loving someone else. However, when the chips fall, we beat ourselves up and play the blame game. Enough is enough.

Love is gone with yesterday (OUTRO)
Foreign Exchange - If she breaks your Heart

As I stare at Leila and wonder what her next mischievous move will be, I ponder about the thought of recognizing something so good in front of my face. Rarely do we sense these things as women and let it fall by the waist side. It is time to be upfront and honest. I am ready to do me :)

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