Friday, April 23, 2010

Been a while...

FIRST AND FOREMOST, It has been a minute since I have been on here. I totally forgot that I had a page. Ain't that a damn shame?! SECONDLY, your girl IS ALWAYS looking fly...

Man what can I say? I have not done WMC in over three years. Always good linking up, networking, getting sun and of course, dancing. Always great to meet people, such as:

Jellybean Benitez

Adam Gibbons

Black Coffee

Ian Friday

Nathan Adams is such a darling!

DJ Rork (France)

Simbad has to be one of the most humble people I have ever met. Not to mention an amazing producer/DJ. This boy is baaad!

Laying out in the sun is also a plus. I love getting tanned!

Giving thanks to Mother Earth and all that she has given me. Mind over matter. She makes me feel whole. I really needed this vacay because I work so much and I felt my energy slowly being depleted from me. She set me straight and made me whole all over again. So for that, I thank you. You know at times when you feel your spirit is weak and that everything around you is falling apart? That is how I felt before this vacay. I am renewed, beautiful (inside and out), not to mention an even better being for myself.

So this past Friday, we had Black Coffee from South Africa and he ripped it. I danced most of the night and felt it all. Damn I felt good. Had to pull away for a sec due to a water break, but I was back at it. Here is some footage:

Music makes me whole and it is my Life. It is time for a new beginning for Atlanta and I know when it happens, I will be there.


More WMC pics available here:WMC 2010 Pictures

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