Monday, November 22, 2010

Tambor Party with Jihad Muhammad

I give thanks to all who have either checked out my blog or subscribed. Goodness knows how many people have checked it out. The more, the merrier. I appreciate all of the love for it.

Secondly, I shall have my interview with DJ Tabone up soon. I did it not too long ago and I did not have the opportunity of taping it and posting it online. Luckily, someone did for me and I appreciate it. Big ups to DJ Tabone for reaching out and keeping the Global Soul movement going! Support it: EVERY WEDNESDAY from 2-4 on WRFG 89.3 Atlanta.

FINALLY: This past Saturday, we had Jihad Muhammad (Bang The Drum, NJ) come through and bless up some good vibes to us all. The last time he was here was about four years ago and did the damn thing. To say the least, he turned it! I would have had more pics, but I was dancing all night. I see you doing your thing, JERSEY! I danced my ass off and lost it. Goodness knows we all needed it! Nonetheless, here are pictures:

Video time:

This Thursday ATL: Shake off that Thanksgiving food! YESSIR:

Up NEXT: PEVEN EVERETT! Mark your calendars peoples, December 18th! Madness!

Love all!

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