Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tambor Party PRESENTS Osunlade

This night will forever be etched into my memory. Such an amazing night and meeting so many wonderful people, on top of meeting the man himself. Many truly do not understand this thing called House and when Osunlade plays, it is on a whole other level. Many DJs cannot surpass that level. When people tell me that they saw steam coming from the front, bodies dripping in sweat and people losing it, what more can you say?

So for all of those who experienced this night along with me, Atlanta has not been the same. The scene is changing for the better and many DJs are realizing that our city is not some mainstream city. We have put it in place a scene which has placed us on the map all over the World. I am ready for that wave to come and take us all on its journey.

Great Article that David Sabat wrote: Collective Promotion: When Fans Become Promoters



Next Tambor Party! SO EXCITED!

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  1. could you possibly post dates, cost and locations for your monthly events list?
    that would be very helpful